5 Ways to Brand with Vehicle Wraps in Alpharetta GA

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vehicle wraps in Alpharetta GAWhat is the primary feature consumers notice about vehicle wraps in Alpharetta GA? Is it the clever combination of graphics? Do they respond well to the aesthetic presentation that evenly disperses images along the vehicle’s body? No! What makes your wrap noticeable is the use of colors. Colorcom put together a hard-hitting data analysis, which shows that a business can increase its brand recognition by about 80 percent using colors.

The latter further succeeds in keeping an onlooker’s attention for at least two seconds, whereas a black and white image may only result in a fleeting glance lasting all of two-thirds of one second. How can you capitalize on this relationship between a branded vehicle vinyl wrap and color usage?

1. Full Wraps Offer the Largest Surface for Branding with Colors

When you use every curved, straight and rounded surface of your vehicle to make your branding statement, you have the option of including a large number of colors, tones and hues. Draw attention to the important aspects of your message by using a wrap featuring bold colors while the backdrop displays fade away with gradient tone changes. Graphic artists work with you to create a nuanced display of your advertisement.

2. Vinyl Vehicle and Truck Lettering Puts Your Name at the Center

vehicle wraps in Alpharetta GAYou can get across a colorful branding message with little more than vehicle letters. Treat your car, van or truck with a multi-hued collection of letters that spell out your business’ name. Following the ideas of color psychology, enveloping your brand identity into the presentation of tones and hues can identify you as a go-getter, a relaxed service provider or a creative problem solver.

3. Spot Graphics or Decals Draw the Eye with Splashes of Color

We usually recommend pairing your lettering with spot graphics or decals. That said, it is possible to display them alone without additional signage products. We can imprint your company’s name and contact information alongside the colorful displays that explain more about your business’ niche. Our technicians customarily install spot graphics to the doors of a vehicle or the tailgate of a truck. Consider also the hood or roof.

4. Partial Wraps Successfully Incorporate a Vehicle’s Color into the Presentation

Although the majority of work trucks and delivery vans come in white, some models present with a customized paint job. If this describes your vehicle, you may have the makings of a branding expression that relies on a partial wrap. We incorporate the color of your car with the hues we need to show off your advertising. When combined, the vehicle’s color is the guiding thread that allows the eye to rest.

5. The Vinyl Window Perf Creates an Unexpected and Colorful Brand Displayvehicle wraps in Alpharetta GA

Some vehicle wraps in Alpharetta, GA, do not rely on the largest surface possible. In fact, they take over the smallest ones: the rear windows. There are now more and more cars on the road that only feature a rear window perf to communicate marketing and branding information. Doing so has the advantage of presenting the consumer with something that is unexpected. While the driver can still see out, the customer on the outside only sees the message. Once again, the colors are the focal points.

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