Types of Vehicle Wraps and Graphics for Atlanta Business Owners

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Vehicle wraps and graphics for AtlantaCan you afford to only market your store or service business with stationary billboards and print ads? Are you missing out on a unique advertising opportunity that uses a movable space, which you already own? If you have not yet invested in automotive wraps, there is a good chance that you are not reaching a large portion of your target audience.

There are different types of vehicle wraps and graphics. For Atlanta business owners with fleet vehicles, they can be as small as a bit of lettering and a few decals or as big as a full wrap that covers the entire vehicle. For entrepreneurs with only one or two cars or trucks on the road, this opportunity is just as apropos! Since you are already driving to job sites, suppliers, meetings or just to lunch, why not have potential customers get some information about your business in the process?

Advertise in Atlanta with vehicle vinyl decalsIn the past, the entrepreneur knew to always carry a handful of business cards and hand them out while in line at the store. Wraps improve upon this suggestion and allow you to reach consumers whom you will not have an opportunity to physically interact with in line or elsewhere. When business owners call Meridian Signs and Graphics for more information, we usually offer them an overview of possible wraps.

  • Vehicle Vinyl Lettering AtlantaFull or partial wraps. Using high-quality vinyl, we either cover the entirety of a vehicle or a portion thereof. For example, clients who only need part of their vehicles wrapped may opt for the sides and top, the top and the back, or just the sides. Others choose to make good use of the whole canvas that is the vehicle’s surface, and they decide to have a continuous look that incorporates all surfaces of the truck or car.
  • Lettering and decals. When the budget is tight, you can still benefit from the look of a wrap without the high price tag. Rather than wrapping the whole vehicle, we can apply typeface and decals that identify your company’s logo. Information you may add in this manner includes your business’s phone number, website address, physical address, name and a motto. Choose decals not only to display your logo but also to inform onlookers about your social medial presence.
  • Specialty decals. There are times when business owners want us to update a wrap that they had done a while ago. We can accommodate you! Whether it is a QR (quick response) code, an updated phone number or a decal identifying a new product or service availability, we gladly upgrade your wrap or lettering to reflect this latest bit of information.

Advertise in Atlanta with vehicle wraps and graphicsOccasionally, business owners worry about the finished look. If your vehicle has odd lines or is smaller, rest assured that we work with the lines and look of the car. We adapt the sizing of the wrap or lettering to be harmonious with the overall appearance of the vehicle. In this manner, we can wrap a Prius as easily as we can wrap a large delivery van. Unlike some do-it-yourself wraps that result in mismatched decals and cut off lettering, our professionally installed product always looks perfect on the canvas.

Contact us today for more information! We are experts at vehicle wraps and graphics for Atlanta businesses of all kinds!