Using Wall Murals and Graphics to Display Your Corporate History

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Wall Graphics for Corporate History Timelines AtlantaCorporate history is not just a source of pride for your company. It is a testament to the founders, those who believed in the viability of the venture even during times of adversity, and a roadmap to where you think you may be taking the business next. Using corporate wall murals and graphics for Atlanta office spaces, storefronts and foyers are excellent ways to display this information for visitors, clients, investors and employees to see. What are your options?

Timelines Make it Easy to Follow Along

A trip down memory lane is easy to enjoy when the timeline represents your corporate history in chronological order. This approach is ideal for a long wall such as you might find in a hallway. In fact, narrow hallways that do not allow for the display of framed artwork are excellent choices for the installation of these wall graphics. Of course, a mural that focuses on your company’s history in a horizontal fashion also works well on the focal wall of your office building or lobby – depending on the size of your walls.

Wall Murals for Corporate History Timelines AtlantaMission and Value Statements Combine History with Distinct Direction

What is your company all about? Sure, everyone working for you knows the story about the founder of the company and the expansions of the business that took place during the tenures of subsequent owners and administrators. What is the continuing thread that takes this information and makes it apropos today as well as tomorrow?

The answer is simple: mission and value statements. Vinyl lettering combines with graphics to create displays for your walls or glass panes. In fact, sometimes it is the combination of the two that makes for an impressive display. Enhance the visual appeal with digital images of the early movers and shakers of the company. The result is a branding tool that has the power to make customers feel good about doing business with you.

Corporate History Timelines Using Vinyl in AtlantaCorporate Achievements are OK to Brag About

It has been said that tooting your own horn is to be avoided. Yet if you do not sing the praises of your business, who will? By focusing on the history of the company and outlining your achievements over the years, you create confidence in your clients and investors. They realize that you have a plan in place to stay in business. If you offer lifetime warranties, a mural showing off corporate achievements in a timeline underscores the longevity of the venture, which stands behind the warranty.

Motivational Tools for Employees and Investors

Corporate history wall murals in Atlanta sometimes have no other reason than to motivate employees as well as investors to catch your vision. This creates a buy-in that is crucial for the overall health of the company. When you can get this type of commitment with little more than graphics and lettering that tell the venture’s story from start to now – and then offer some hints at plans – you have a good chance of getting the help you need to make these plans become a reality.

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