Using Signs and Graphics in Your Alpharetta Offices

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Office Lobby Signs Alpharetta GAInstalling the right types of office signs and graphics in Alpharetta, GA, venues has the power to make a big difference in the way that consumers perceive your business. Transform a space with little brand appeal into an effective marketing powerhouse that appeals visually while reinforcing your branding messages. So, what are your options for using signs and graphics in your Alpharetta offices?

Lobby Signs Make a Great First Impression

Once a potential client or customer enters your location, the lobby sign can make or break a great first impression. There are three distinct messages that this signage product communicates.

  1. A branding message.
  2. Your approach to doing business.
  3. A set of client or customer expectations.

Office window graphics Alpharetta GACommunicating this effectively calls for the careful consideration of the message details. For starters, determine the material of the product. Metal signals longevity. When you want to let your customers know that you are in it for the long term, metal is the way to go. Acrylic hints at creativity. Three-dimensional foam signs show off your attention to detail. Material combinations have the power to position you as an avant-garde, traditional or innovative company.

Window Graphics Beautify and Add Functionality

You have seen how window graphics market and brand a company. Retailers routinely rely on this signage product to reel in foot traffic. You may already use these types of products on your glass panes to display your name, logo, contact information and hours of operation. Yet remember that this signage product also works well for the interior. Turn plain glass into frosted or etched windows, doors or dividers.

Office Wall Graphics Alpharetta GADress up your suite door with a look that reminds of etched glass. Rather than spending the money on the glass treatment, you spend a fraction on the vinyl product. Offer those meeting in your conference room some privacy by obscuring a portion of the glass pane with a frosted look. If there have been accidents with clients walking into glass doors or windows, attach attractive graphics to signal the presence of the glass.

Wall Graphics or Murals Create a Targeted Atmosphere

Do you want your space to relax the visitor, reinforce your company’s niche or present with a visual display of artistic style elements? Rather than investing in dust-catching knickknacks and expensive wall art, you have the option of ordering wall graphics or murals. A mural covers the entire wall surface and usually depicts scenery, subliminal designs or repetitive logo displays.

Office Prints for Alpharetta GAOffice Prints for Alpharetta GAGraphics only cover a portion of your wall. Use these to repeat your lobby sign’s look or to display your logo in a conference room or along the walls of a hallway. When you are ready to commission office signs and graphics in Alpharetta, GA, contact the experts at Meridian Signs and Graphics for more information on your options.

Although we only discussed lobby signs, window and wall graphics, you have additional choices. Examples include suite signs, retractable banner stands and wayfinding products. Our graphic artists gladly chat about your product needs and welcome the opportunity to provide you with sketches that show you the proposed product. Call us today to get started.

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