Using AlumiGraphics to Advertise on Floors in Alpharetta GA

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advertising on floors in Alpharetta GA,  floor graphics in Alpharetta GADo you want customers to notice you? Installing floor graphics in Alpharetta, GA, stores, offices and other locations makes it possible to do just that. In fact, why not treat the sidewalk in front of your door? Most of our clients are familiar with the advantages that vinyl floor graphics bring to the table. However, did you know that there is another option? AlumiGraphics is a hot product line that does well in areas where vinyl sometimes experiences some challenges.

Behind the AlumiGraphics Name

The material behind the name is actually an aluminum foil product. Its high-friction surface has no memory, which makes it ideal for applications on terrazzo, cinder-block and brick substrates. The material possesses natural anti-slip properties. For this reason, it is suitable for display in areas with high foot traffic counts. After dark, the bright surface properties of the aluminum component offer some degree of reflectivity, which benefits the ease with which consumers see your message. When your marketing campaign is finished, simply recycle the floor graphic with your soda cans.

Who Benefits from this Material Option?

advertising on floors in Alpharetta GA,  floor graphics in Alpharetta GA

If you do business in an area where signage permitting is difficult, floor graphics are an excellent alternative. For a business owner who has shied away from vinyl because of the possibility of a rip on uneven flooring, the AlumiGraphics option now makes it possible to draw the eye of customers with floor displays. Short-term applications are ideal for theater venues, schools, special event facilities and retailers. Long-term displays may appeal to places with stairs, to parking garage operators and warehouse property managers.

Advertising on Floors in Alpharetta GA

Making this product solution work for you is easy.

  • Send customers to your displays. Placing foot prints on the floor leading to the shelves that hold the advertised items is an excellent method for tying in this marketing tool with your flyers or online advertising.
  • Reel in foot traffic. Using the sidewalk space in front of your store or office to bring in passersby is easy with AlumiGraphics. Invite prospective customers or clients to “check in,” “see what the buzz is all about” or “join the neighbors” in taking advantage of the latest deals.
  • Co-brand your business. For sporting goods stores, animal supply retailers and similar companies, the manufacturers that these folks represent can make the difference between making the sale or not. Bring in more shoppers by visually connecting your brand with the branding information of top manufacturers.advertising on floors in Alpharetta GA,  floor graphics in Alpharetta GA

Of course, these are just some suggestions. Contact our graphic artists to learn more about this material and see a sample of it. We help you with the design of a marketing message that stands out and attracts plenty of attention from passersby. Whether you need the product to install on the interior or exterior, our experts help you to communicate a message that customers cannot help but notice. By the way, why not tie this product in with the words of your window graphics, vehicle wrap or special event signage? Contact us today to get started on your project.