The Ultimate Guide to Channel Letters for Metro Atlanta

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guide to channel letters for Metro AtlantaChannel letters are the most popular building signs in the Metro Atlanta area and beyond. Why is that the case? For starters, they are ideally suited for featuring your corporate persona through font and color presentation. Secondly, these signage solutions offer illumination as part of their makeup. Therefore, they are easy to see even from long distances. Because there is a lot of interest in these products, we put together this guide to channel letters for Metro Atlanta business owners.

Anatomy of a Channel Letter

guide to channel letters for Metro AtlantaThe typical channel letter starts with aluminum construction. Our technicians shape the product to feature the lettering you need in the unique font you have chosen for the business. Next, we add LEDs to the letters’ interiors. With the body complete, we close off the letters with polycarbonate facings and paint the products. However, the exact construction of the letter depends on your choice of illumination.

Lighting Options for Channel Letter Signs

guide to channel letters for Metro AtlantaIs it possible to order unlit channel letters? Yes, it is. However, the vast majority of business clients opt for illumination. That said, you have choices.

  • Face-lit letters. These letters allow the light to escape through their fronts. They are by far the most common selection. As the LEDs turn on, they backlight the polycarbonate facing from within. Therefore, it results in a bright, bold presentation of the facing color and letter shape.
  • Back-lit letters. In this setup, the construction is reversed. We close the front with aluminum that we paint in your corporate colors. The backs receive a transparent polycarbonate sheet to protect the LEDs. Technicians mount these letters with standoffs to let the light reflect off the wall. It results in a halo effect that frames each style element in a soft glow. We can play around with the length of the standoffs to soften or sharpen the halo presentation.
  • Open-face lettering. You do not see these a lot. However, when you do spy them, they make quite an impression. These signs are designed to emulate the old neon signs that had their heydays in the 1950s. Technicians use specialty LEDs to imitate the appearance of neon tubes. Most importantly, the facings of the letters are not actually open. We use clear polycarbonate to protect the light sources.

Thinking through the Installation

guide to channel letters for Metro AtlantaIt is essential to know what your lease says about channel letter installations. Many management companies now shy away from flush-mounts because they require us to drill multiple holes in the façade for each letter. That said, other leases do not specify these details. In these cases, the makeup of your building’s front dictates the installation style.

Once again, you have multiple options. Flush mounts create a clean look. They are excellent when our technicians can access the backs of the letters from behind the façade. If this is not possible, we suggest the use of a raceway mount. It refers to a long, narrow box that contains all the lighting hardware. We paint it to match your façade, which can create the optical illusion of blending in perfectly with the backdrop.

The advantage of this installation option is the fact that we only drill a few holes for the box. Next, we attach the letters to the front. If the sign requires electrical updates or repairs, we can service it from the outside rather than coming into the business. Property management companies that do not allow flush mounts typically have no problem with the raceway setup.

If this guide to channel letters for Metro Atlanta businesses has inspired you to add this signage solution to your facade, contact our sign shop today to discuss your options.

guide to channel letters for Metro Atlanta