What Types of Lobby Area Signs Are Most Popular?

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If there is one signage type our clients agonize over the most, it has to be the foyer marker. A lot is riding on the presentation of the right lobby area signs. Make a mistake here, and you fail to communicate your brand, may not make much of a first impression, and overall allow your reception setting to take on a ho-hum appearance.

Add to this the statistical evidence related to the importance of signage. The Signage Foundation has crunched some statistical numbers and found that 41.5 percent of shoppers evaluate your business’ possible quality by the signage you present. A staggering 85.7 percent take their cues about brand identity from your markers. Three to one, folks like words better than icons, but half do not mind seeing a mix. So, what are your best options?

Logo Boards or Dimensional Letter Lobby Signs Transform Your Wall Spaces into Branding Messages

lobby area signsLobby sign materials run the gamut from brushed aluminum, metal laminates, and acrylic to painted PVC, foam, or wood. Usually, these products fall into two distinct categories:

  1. Logo board signs. Choose a substrate such as acrylic or metal to present your message. It is possible to add lettering as a direct imprint, a vinyl overlay, or with dimensional letters.
  2. Dimensional letters. These products present in different thicknesses and sizes, depending on your spatial needs and material selections.

Typically, we recommend logo boards when your wall space is somewhat limited, or you want your message to feature a visual border. Larger wall areas do very well with dimensional letters because we can adjust the spacing between the elements to let you take full advantage of the expanse you have.

Wall Graphics Emphasize Your Niche Presence

lobby area signsNo matter what line of business you are in, the use of wall graphics makes it possible to underline your presence in that particular niche. For example, an architect might choose to have us create wall graphics or murals of the concept art depicting the firm’s most successful building projects. For a company in the oil and gas field, the use of realistic imagery can create displays that capture the attention of prospective investors, clients, or visitors who spend some time in the lobby.

Mounted Prints Combine an Advertising Message with Your Brand Identity

lobby area signsThese products are quickly gaining a loyal following. We can print your images and letters directly onto canvas, acrylic, or metal substrates. Canvas offers you the added benefit of introducing texture to your wall’s overall setup, which can significantly enhance your interior décor appeal. Metal, on the other hand, imbues your space with an innovative look and feel. Some clients ask us to you imprint several mounted panels that they then place around the reception area. Others like to cluster them in groups of four or more along large wall spaces.

How to Order Lobby Area Signs

The experts at Meridian Signs & Graphics serve the business communities in and around Cumming, Alpharetta, Roswell, Johns Creek, and Atlanta, GA. Contact us today to schedule a design consultation and find out how we can help you transform your foyer into a marketing and branding space.

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