Types of Exterior Building Signs for Roswell GA

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Dimensional Letter Building Signs Roswell GAChoosing the right exterior signs Roswell, GA, consumers will immediately come to connect with your company’s niche and product selection is sometimes difficult. At Meridian Signs and Graphics, we frequently work with business clients who have questions about various exterior signage products. Our experts have put together a FAQ selection that we hope will help you to get a better feel for the signage types that are out there.

Q: Should I choose lit or unlit signage?

A: We recommend the use of lit signage whenever possible. It makes your business easier to see and find during cloudy weather. A lit sign – even during the day – is more welcoming than one that does not feature any illumination. That said, there is a case to be made for unlit markers, too. When you operate a company that only welcomes customers during business hours, or if you already have façade or landscape lights for illumination of the building’s front, there is not always a need for a lit signage product.

Q: What are my options when I do not want metal?

A: Metal is only one signage material. We most commonly use it for channel letters and lightbox cabinets. Yet there are other options as well. For example, dimensional lettering made of plastic, PVC or foam is durable, attractive and suitable for virtually all niches.

Q: Is it possible to have a highly sophisticated façade sign?

Bronze metal plaques Roswell GAA: When upscale sophistication is a must, we recommend the use of metal plaques.  Available in etched and cast models, we routinely use these setups for law firms and accountancy offices. These signage products are sufficiently unusual to be highly memorable. Since durability of these markers is measured in decades, this is an excellent investment in the longevity of your business.

Q: Customers tell me that it is difficult to find me. What should I do?

A: Start by commissioning a monument sign. We easily fit a model of any size onto your property. This sign provides wayfinding assistance to motorists. By combining the monument with a ligthbox cabinet, you not only make good use of illumination but you also underscore your company’s name and logo. Repeat the lightbox cabinet on your façade. This one-two punch makes you easier to see and find.

Q: What is the advantage of selecting a channel letter marker?

Exterior Signs for Roswell GAA: These types of exterior building signs offer excellent illumination options. Front-lit channel letters allow the light to escape through the colorful frontal facings. This enhances the colors and makes you easy to find at night. Backlit signs allow the light to escape through clear back facings. The result is a halo effect that adds style to the signage setup. Owners of boutiques and niche stores are oftentimes the clients who choose this setup. It is also possible to create a combination of the two. Although it cuts down on the power of the illumination, the combo actually enhances the visual aesthetics of the marker.

We know that you probably have many more questions about the exterior signs Roswell, GA, consumers are likely to respond to very well. Call us today for more information on these – and other – signage products.

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