Types of Directory Signs in Alpharetta GA

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Building Directory Signs Alpharetta GAWhen ordering directory signs in Alpharetta, GA, you are not limited to selecting only an indoor product. In fact, there are plenty of outdoor directories available now as well. Which signage solution is right for your venue?

Who Needs Directories?

Management companies of buildings housing city offices, physicians’ clinics and suites of service providers can take the guesswork out of wayfinding by posting directories in the lobbies as well as on individual floors. The same is true for hospitals and school campuses. By the way, if your building has an attached parking garage, posting directories there, too, is a good idea. Malls use this signage solution to help customers find shops.

Hi-tech or Analog?

Directory signs in Alpharetta GADigital directories are common sights in airports and similar settings. When information changes from one hour to the next, the high-tech route makes it easy for the operator to manage the display of information. A mix of interior and exterior directories is a necessity for venues with plenty of foot traffic. Properties featuring multiple buildings and malls are excellent examples. Office buildings can usually make do with indoor directories only unless they have an attached parking garage, in which case a simplified outdoor version of the sign should be visible.

Directory Examples

You want your company to stand out from the rest. How can you do so with directory signs? In fact, it is easier than you think with the right material and display selection.

  • Glass. Glass is rarely used when making signs. The material’s properties are sure to make your office building stand out. Set up a different glass directory for each floor; display each right next to one another on the ground floor lobby wall. Vinyl lettering spells out the tenants’ names and suite numbers. Installation is easy with brushed aluminum standoffs. We recommend installing glass directories away from direct sunlight to reduce glare.
  • Metal. One of the most commonly used metals is aluminum. That said, do not shy away from copper, bronze or stainless steel for a more unusual look. Opt for black, routed lettering to create the visual contrast that makes reading the information easy. We recommend a brushed or satin finish to reduce glare from overhead lights.
  • Office Directory Signs Alpharetta GAFreestanding pylons. About six to eight feet tall, these freestanding pylons install directly to the floor of your lobby or to the pavement on the outside. Choose an acrylic and aluminum combination to provide colorful displays that allow for ADA compliance by incorporating high-contrast prints as well as Braille II imprints. Add arrows to the various office, store or department notations to enhance wayfinding.
  • Curved displays. Suitable for interior or exterior wall installations, these products are made of aluminum and come with a polycarbonate cover. Remove the cover to add or remove tenant information. Lettering itself is easily applied with vinyl. Our technicians suggest the addition of an anti-glare finish to prevent reflections from direct light. The curves also help with reducing glare.
  • Kiosks. You see these kiosks in malls and hospitals. The maps feature a blueprint of the various levels, show color-coordinated locations of stores or departments, and make it easier to orient yourself with a “you are here” dot. They use backlit technology.

If we have inspired you to consider an update to your directory signs in Alpharetta, GA, contact us for more information on these and other products and to get started on your project.

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