TriStone Financial Greets Clients with a New Dimensional Letter Lobby Sign in Atlanta GA

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Clients find TriStone Financial at 9040 Roswell Road in Suite 325. The company works hard to provide its clients with highly competitive mortgage products. Recently, a member of the firm’s management team contacted our sign shop to commission a dimensional letter lobby sign in Atlanta GA.

Bronze Letters Encapsulate a Brand Message

Dimensional Letter Lobby SignTriStone Financial’s reputation is one of stellar customer service and forward-looking advice. After consulting with the client, we manufactured a set of dimensional letters spelling out the corporate name. Our technicians used medium bronze faces to create a visual counterpoint to the cream-colored wall. The client chose a matte finish, which prevents glare from artificial lighting to detract from the sign’s beauty. The 3D appearance impresses, catches the eye, and fits in perfectly with the overall interior décor.

Why Choose Metal for a Lobby Sign?

It is undeniable that metal makes a statement. It hints at your company’s longevity in its niche. It also points out that you are so confident in your business’ ability to remain viable that you selected the longest-lasting material on the market. By default, the impressions that the metal creates trickle down to the opinion that a consumer forms about your firm.

Understanding the Options

Dimensional Letter Lobby SignYou have a number of options open to you when working with metal. The most common choice includes the use of precision-cut letters from a metal plate. This technique results in crisp edges and extraordinary detail work. It is ideally suited in areas where you need a sign that stands out because of its angles.

Another option is the use of lettering with rounded forms. It softens the overall appearance of the information. We recommend this type of display for medical offices or when featuring a larger than average presentation of your corporate name and logo. Typical material choices include bronze, stainless steel, copper, and brass.

Some clients ask us to paint their metal signs in corporate tones. Most, however, prefer to keep the material closer to its natural hues. But even here, there are additional choices. For example, you might choose to have us add a patina to bronze that gives the illusion of an aged appearance. When you go for a Cor-Ten steel presentation, there is the famous display of a rust finish.

How to Order Your Dimensional Letter Lobby Sign in Atlanta GA

Do not leave the first impression you make to chance. When a new client visits your office, you want to greet this potential business contact with a strong brand appeal. A lobby sign is the encapsulation of this message. We usually recommend ordering your lobby sign first because it sets the tone for all other signage products you might add to the space.

If you are unsure what to select, we can help. Our graphic artist can show you different materials and their appearances in a space. We help you decide on the right size and depth. Moreover, we gladly visit your location to assist with the choice of the focal wall to mount it to. Contact us today to get started on your project.

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