Top 3 Ideas for Wall Murals and Graphics in Atlanta GA Offices!

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How are you using the wall surfaces in your office space? Are you using them to wow customers, inspire workers, and overall create an intentional atmosphere where business gets done? On the other hand, are you trying to dress them up with only moderate success? Our sign shop specializes in out-of-the-box ideas for wall murals and graphics in Atlanta GA, offices.

Cafeteria and Employee Break Room Beautification with a Purpose

Wall Murals and Graphics in Atlanta GA Offices

Today’s workers look for a work-life balance. However, they also want to have fulfillment at the job. It is not enough for many simply to come and do the tasks they were hired to perform. This is why you have seen a spike in employee volunteerism in the Atlanta area.

Why not use the walls of an employee break room, lounge, or cafeteria to highlight some of the volunteer opportunities you provide to workers? Maybe there are causes that some of your employees champion that would be excellent for broadcasting. Consider having these graphics imprinted on acrylic panels and hang them. Choose multiple geometric shapes that combine for a visually pleasing presentation.

Mission and Vision Wall Murals Inspire Customers and Prospective Employees

Wall Murals and Graphics in Atlanta GA OfficesWhat is the impetus of your business? What makes your brand different from the competition? Express yourself with wall graphics that highlight your corporate mission or vision statement.

  • Die-cut graphics. Combine niche-specific images with excerpts from your mission statement. These presentations have a substantial impact that features your company values. It allows for a brand buy-in from customers and prospective employees.
  • Full-wall murals. Consider a collage of images featuring the company’s founder and current management teams. You might also highlight a venue and outline what your goals are. By devoting an entire wall to this display, you make it clear that the message is of vital importance to you.
  • Lettering. Text-heavy designs are quickly gaining in favor. A word wall combines several key terms that you consider to underscore your message the best. These designs look great in smaller spaces as well as on narrow wall panels.

Contemporary Wall Art Using Standard and Textured Vinyl

Wall Murals and Graphics in Atlanta GA OfficesDress up your space with an unexpected look. For example, a printed blue brick wall in a glass and chrome office will be a visual counterpoint that impresses. If your area is small, open up a vista into an adjacent office – even though it only exists on printed vinyl. Superior print abilities, vibrant colors, and three-dimensional designs fool the eye into thinking that your office is a vast space. Another option is the use of textured vinyl to underscore the look of a beach, the waves of an ocean, or the clouds in the sky.

If we have given you some new ideas for wall murals and Graphics in Atlanta GA, offices, discuss your thoughts with our graphic artist. We can help you put together a look that you do not see anywhere else. Most importantly, it can be as unique as your brand message, corporate vision, or value proposition. Call us today to begin the design process!

Wall Murals and Graphics in Atlanta GA Offices