The Top 3 Choices for Building Signs in Alpharetta GA May Surprise You

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Standing out from businesses around you is the name of the game. But how can you do so with signage? When you select one (or more) of the top three building signs in Alpharetta GA, you not only stand out but also deliver a clear brand message.

1. Cabinet Signs

Building Signs in Alpharetta GA: Cabinet Signs

The cabinet sign opens a door of options. Keep the shape rectangular to maximize display size or present a repetition of your company’s logo as a way of reinforcing brand awareness. Inside the cabinet, you will notice built-in LEDs that allow for illumination from within. The body consists of aluminum, which weathers extremely well. Polycarbonate makes up the facings.

We can imprint them directly with your information or apply a printed vinyl overlay. Some clients only feature their corporate names, which we can also emboss for a three-dimensional appearance. Others like the idea of offering additional information about their companies – examples include professional affiliations and product mentions – and do better with a direct imprint.

2. Channel Letters as well as Channel Letter/Cabinet Combos

Building Signs in Alpharetta GA: Channel Letters

Channel letter construction is similar to that of a box cabinet. Except in this scenario, we form each letter individually. We close off the fronts with polycarbonate for front-lit lettering while we use aluminum when you opt for backlit products. The latter results in a halo-lit appearance, which adds an air of sophistication to the presentation.

Channel Letters and Cabinet Sign Combos Alpharetta Ga

With these letters, you spell out your company’s name in its iconic font and color scheme. Because the lettering stands out in a 3D fashion, it makes a great impression. After dark, it can light up and catch the eye. When you want to add a niche explanation or provide additional information, it is possible to do so by combining the channel letters with a lightbox cabinet. Clients frequently do so to spell out the type of business they run or to advertise a brand message such as their round-the-clock availability.

3. Dimensional Letters

Building Signs in Alpharetta GA: Dimensional Letters

Another product option is the three-dimensional letter setup. If you already have façade lights in place, you probably do not need channel letters but will do very well with dimensional lettering instead. Choose from a broad range of materials that include metal, acrylic, and outdoor-rated foam.

By ensuring a perfect color match with your corporate hues, you present a brand message that quickly connects with the consumer and reinforces brand awareness. For a first-time customer, it also creates brand recognition. We can install the letters directly to your façade. Use standoffs to give the illusion that they are floating just above the substrate. Another option is the use of an intermediate substrate such as an acrylic board for an additional opportunity to offer a corporate palette display.

Buying Building Signs in Alpharetta GA

Do not leave your branding and marketing to chance. The presence of a brand-accurate building sign makes a significant difference in the way that consumers perceive your business. When you want to stand out today in all the right ways, you can do so with one of the top building sign choices in your area. Contact us today to learn more!

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