Top 3 Alternative Uses for Trade Show Displays

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Trade show attendance is a must when you are launching a new brand or product. But what should you do with these displays once the occasion is over? Some companies store them for future use. However, business owners in the know find alternative applications for trade show displays.

1. Foyer Marketing with Backdrops

Trade Show DisplaysAdvertise in your reception area with trade show backdrops. These products stand about six to eight feet tall. Typically, they feature your corporate persona as well as an image of your product or service. Place it in your foyer near a wall or select it to take on the role of a room divider. Add a literature pocket to feature your sales literature. Some business owners also install small shelves that display samples, which encourage consumer interest.

2. Client Education with Tabletop Displays

Do not let your tabletop displays languish in a stock room. Instead, place them in your lobby to provide areas of brand-intensive client education. By showing the information you would typically feature at an expo, you use your brand message to help visiting clients differentiate you from the competition. Although you are not actively advertising your product or service, you instead succeed in promoting your company. Moreover, these displays are excellent conversation starters for your sales personnel.

3. Product Displays Combine Well with Trade Show Presentations

Trade Show DisplaysHave you bought a number of banner stands for the last trade show? Use these marketing materials to become informative parts of your product presentations. Whether you are offering new items or are combining some different selections from a catalog for an impulse buy, these setups work well in a foyer, entryway, or conference room. Have a primary display setup as well as nearby shelves with products for customers to pick up and add to their carts or bags.

Additional Alternative Uses for Trade Show Displays

Trade Show DisplaysYour specific business needs determine the best alternative uses for the trade show displays and banner stands that you have on hand. Sometimes, you can combine them with secondary signage solutions to stand out even more. For example, slow down foot traffic for a product display with an A-frame sign. This is an excellent option in a mall setting or in a larger retail environment where you do not want passersby to keep walking.

Flags, which are among popular trade show signage solutions, also work well on the exterior. Their movements catch the eyes of motorists and passersby. Place them near entrances to parking lots and storefronts for best results. They efficiently generate interest and can be precursors for the impulse stop. From there, the quality of your product or service ensures the conversion from shopper to buyer.

Ordering Signage

Our graphic artist can help with the design of your next trade show setup. Whether you are thinking of going big or staying small, we can handle the design and manufacture. Moreover, we also assist with the pairing of signage products to ensure that the style elements will fulfill secondary uses away from the trade show circuit. Contact us today to get started on your project.

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