Thinking About Wall Graphics in Atlanta? Get a Free Quote!

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Your business needs wall graphics. In Atlanta, they do more than just advertise a product or service. They have the power to connect with employees and consumers alike. This connection results in a more productive environment, which leads to a good return on investment. That said, there is an art and a science to putting up these large graphics in your space. Here is what you need to know.

Turn Your Employee Lounge into a Display of Company Culture

Wall graphics in AtlantaAs workers eat lunch, spend their break time reading, or just sit chatting, the overall atmosphere of the setting permeates all activities. Combine images that encourage environmental engagement, recreation, relaxation, and fun into the mix. Underscore how these values factor into your brand, which is what the business is all about.

Remember that brand buy-in is not something that only happens on the consumer level. Your employees are among the most critical brand ambassadors you have. Encouraging them to return to basics and remember what makes your place a great place to work is always a good idea. Doing so motivates workers to do their best.

Dedicate a Wall of Your Retail Venue to a Specific Product

wall graphics in AtlantaA larger than life depiction of a refreshing soft drink is just what you need to draw attention to your beverage section. Capitalize on the brand colors of the popular soda to catch the attention of shoppers. Not only is this a soft co-branding move, but it also defines a need in the mind of the consumer.

With the right products stocked nearby, it is easy for you to meet this need right away. Most importantly, this type of wall graphic can take over an otherwise bland brick wall. Painting it a solid color has little impact on the branding and marketing of the products you sell. In contrast, the use of a full-wall graphic could turn the area into a useful advertising space.

Schools Look to Graphics for Motivation and Community-Building

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A school thrives when there is a strong sense of community. It involves alumni, current students, parents, and encourages engagement of newcomers. Athletics is an excellent subject matter for the depiction of photos that install along the walls of hallways, student lounges, athletic departments, and entryways.

Other images depict students as they engage in community events as well as graphics that show the various views of the campus. The splashes of color break up the otherwise long hallways that so many school buildings have. By the way, wall graphics are good options for the interior as well as for the exterior.

Choosing the Right Wall Graphics in Atlanta

Our sign shop routinely assists Atlanta business owners with their wall graphics. We see the project through from inception to final installation. If you already have images on hand, we can use them to create bright, bold graphics. When you still need the right pictures for your venue, we gladly assist you with selecting excellent products that your competitors are not already displaying. Contact us today to get a free quote and start your project!

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