Take a Look at the Wall Graphics Johns Creek GA Business Owners are Using!

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Custom wall graphics Johns Creek GA, business owners introduce into their locations fulfill three primary purposes.

1. They provide an aesthetic appeal that draws in the shopper to step closer.

2. Graphics feature brand message displays.

3. Images and lettering work together to advertise products.

Partial Wall Wraps with Lettering

Wall Graphics and Vinyl Lettering Johns Creek GA

Case in point is the half-wall graphic that combines the corporate palette with lettering in a slightly lighter tone. Taking up a large chunk of the showroom’s side and back walls, the graphic spells out the types of products the business sells and the customers that rely on them. This kind of list is an excellent advertisement for the client waiting to meet for a consultation. It makes it easier on the sales professional to mention some of the products and get a buy-in.

Floor to Ceiling Images on Temporary Walls

Wall Graphics Johns Creek GA

Graphics for temporary walls are another good option. Retailers, hair salons, and service providers frequently rely on temporary walls. They are not part of the actual structure but create spatial separation in areas where you interact with clients, display products, or feature your services. Rather than painting these temporary walls, why not add wall graphics? These could feature images of models sporting your hairstyles or running shoes, present happy clients after using your services, or provide larger than life renditions of your products that are currently on sale.

Step and Repeat Banner Graphics Create Visual Brand Boosts

Step and Repeat Banners Atlanta

If you have recently merged with another company or re-branded, you need to get your new brand message in front of customers whenever possible. One way of accomplishing this task is the use of a step and repeat banner. You frequently see these as photography backdrops during red carpet events. But why limit yourself to a banner? We can create a full-length, wall-size graphic that takes up the length of your storefront. Better still, we can do so for the interior or exterior of the venue.

Ordering the Wall Graphics Johns Creek GA Business Owners Use

Office Wall Graphic Johns Creek GA

Contact our graphic artists to discuss the design of your next wall graphic. We work with you to put together a look that encapsulates your brand message. Moreover, we can help you to heighten shopper interest in a particular product by creating some corresponding graphics that outline the item’s advantages and features. We can work with photos that you already have, use stock images, or help you with getting the right look.

Moreover, we assist you with the selection of a vinyl substrate that is ideally suited for your setting. The majority of clients opt for matte plastic that we treat with a laminate to protect the colors from fading in sunlight. However, some like the idea of using textured vinyl for added visual appeal. Possible options include pebble-like surfaces as well as wavy materials. Doing so can give an image the illusion of added motion, which is an excellent way of getting the shopper to step just a little closer.

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