We Tackle Slopes BBQ Restaurant Van Wraps in Roswell GA!

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At Meridian Signs and Graphics, we take customer service and superior product quality seriously. Not surprisingly, plenty of our clients come back to us for additional signage needs. Franchisees, too, are among our customers who appreciate the expertise we bring to the table. Case in point is Slope’s BBQ. Just recently, we removed old, and installed new, van graphics for the Cumming location. Now, we got the call to treat two vehicles with restaurant van wraps in Roswell GA.

restaurant van wraps in Roswell GAThis franchise location does business at 34 West Crossville Road where the eatery brings in plenty of hungry guests with its premium meats and time-tested preparation techniques. Catering, too, is part of this location’s business model. The van graphics that this client needed us to replace had been on the vehicles for 12 years. Sun exposure and typical road wear had done sufficient damage to warrant a complete replacement.

Adding new graphics would give the vans a contemporary look and feel that would also serve to boost the franchise’s overall brand recognition by presenting a uniform appearance across various cities. After finishing with the design, prep work, and installation, we returned two dark-colored vans with red-rimmed, yellow lettering that identifies the business and the brand. Contact information and the logo round out the presentation.

restaurant van wraps in Roswell GAUpgrading the look of a mobile marketing setup across a franchise’s many locations makes good business sense.

  • Name recognition. Consider that many franchisees benefit from the overall name recognition that the company enjoys within a state, or perhaps even across several states. It is clear that the manner of the enterprise’s name presentation must be identical. If there are even subtle changes in colors or fonts, it becomes harder to build name recognition.
  • Brand awareness. As customers learn more about the franchise’s name and logo, they begin to connect a product line with the brand. This process goes faster when the consumer sees multiple renditions of the same message. Once again, it makes sense to present a uniform branding.
  • Product identification. Connecting product and brand also requires an understanding of the item you sell. In the case of Slope’s BBQ, the message is clear. Combined with the logo display and a catering notation, there is little doubt that the customer will identify the product quickly.
  • Ad responsiveness. Marketing experts suggest that a consumer needs multiple exposures to an advertisement before taking action. For this reason, plenty of companies with fleets ask us to treat each vehicle – no matter the make and model – with the same lettering and logo setup. For a franchise, this requires a consistent marketing message that does not differ in color, font, or word selection.

If your franchise’s fleet is about due for a new set of contractor vehicle graphics or restaurant van wraps in Roswell GA, contact our experts for assistance. We work with you to put together a look that is unique to your franchise and makes the identification of the brand a snap. Our installers handle the prep work, which includes the removal of old graphics products. Call us today to schedule your design consultation!

restaurant van wraps in Roswell GA