T.W.P. Hauling and Grading Brands with Truck Graphics!

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Working out of Cumming GA, TWP Hauling and Dumping was going about its business with a non-descript truck. When the company’s management team decided that it was time to step up the marketing, the friendly folks contacted Meridian Signs and Graphics. We visited the company and saw that there was a truck that almost begged for updated graphics. Since the T.W.P. folks are big Harley Davidson fans, they wanted to include those colors in the graphics. No problem!

Contractor truck graphics Cumming GA

We created the kinds of dump truck graphics for Cumming, GA, that not only pay homage to Harley but also advertise T.W.P. The letters are displayed in bright orange while an orange stripe – framed in black – goes around the truck’s cabin. The business’ niche and phone number are clearly listed. Now, when the company goes about its business, consumers see the name of the business, remember the color scheme and recall whom to call when they are in need of hauling and grading services.

Do you need hauling truck graphics in Cumming, GA? Are you operating a business that relies on your truck but – at this time – the vehicle is bland and really does very little to identify your business and its niche? We can fix that.

Dump truck graphics and vinyl lettering

Display your name. Advertise your name whenever you take your truck on the road. It does not matter if you are en route to a job site or just to the gas station. The fact that consumers see your name advertised when your truck is rolling is a huge plus and turns your vehicle into a marketing machine.

Brand with your logo. Branding is the art and science of getting a consumer to buy into the vibe you say that your company has. Do so with colors and your logo. In fact, wherever you display your company’s name, you should always place your logo as well.

Contractor truck lettering Cumming GA

Highlight your niche. Specialization is the key component to a successful niche business. But if folks do not know what your niche is, how do they know that they can hire you for their needs? T.W.P. highlighted its hauling and grading niche. Take a page from the company’s playbook and follow suit.

Offer contact information. Your phone number is important. If you have a website, your web address should also be displayed. If you are active on social media, display the icon of the site where you are having the most interactions with consumers.

This is also a great time to consider adding more artwork. If graphics are not enough, we can add a window perf, perhaps a partial wrap or even a full wrap. With so many options open to you, there really is no longer an excuse for driving a truck that does not do double-duty as a movable marketing billboard. If you are unsure how to turn your truck into an ad for your business, talk to our friendly truck graphics experts. We work with you on putting your already existing artwork to good use. When you still need artwork, we can help you there, too.

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