Southern Design Brands Showroom with Pewter 3D Letter Routed Sign in Marietta GA

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Located at 4235 Merchants Walk Drive, Southern Design & Remodeling is a repeat Best of Houzz winner. The expert’s kitchen and bath designs are much talked about and sought after. When the company needed a pewter 3D letter routed sign in Marietta GA, a representative contacted our sign shop for assistance.

Creating a Unique Look for Southern Design

pewter 3D letter routed sign in Marietta GAWe started by measuring the circle shape and cutting it out of acrylic. Next, we painted the material black. Technicians were then able to apply brushed pewter laminate to the acrylic. The letters are made of brushed aluminum laminate that we attached to black acrylic. The ampersand consists of routed acrylic that we painted gray.

By combining these style elements, we were able to put together a three-dimensional lobby sign that gets attention. Our installers finally mounted it to the wall in the showroom, where it advertises and brands the company in style.

By the way, this is not our first signage presentation for Southern Design & Remodeling. In the past, we also put together the company’s channel letter sign. Look closely, and you will notice that it displays on a raceway. Doing so boosted the sign’s 3D look and allowed us to hide the lighting components inside an elongated box right on the façade.

Getting Creative with a Lobby Sign

pewter 3D letter routed sign in Marietta GAHow does your lobby sign encapsulate your brand message? When the goal is to provide the consumer with a memorable signage presentation, the lobby sign delivers the goods. We recommend taking advantage of the layering technique, which allows for the introduction of different materials for a 3D look.

Starting with acrylic is always a good idea. Depths can vary from half-an-inch to about an inch. From there, you can add laminates or more acrylic, depending on your need. That said, acrylic is not your only choice. Other business clients have had excellent success with the use of sign foam, which allows for depths of up to three inches.

A Signage Suite That Begins the Brand Communication on the Outside

pewter 3D letter routed sign in Marietta GATake a page from the playbook of Southern Design & Remodeling and entrust our sign shop with the design, manufacture, and installation of an exterior and interior signage setup. On the outside, the building sign begins the brand conversation. It is more than merely a wayfinding sign.

In fact, it allows you to introduce the values that make your company different from others in the niche. The lobby sign then picks up on this message and takes it to the next level. We refer to this as the signage ones-two punch. Because the consumer already learned about your business, you are now in an excellent position to differentiate yourself from the competition even more.

Of course, you do not have to limit yourself to a building sign that combines with a lobby marker. It is possible to add other signage solutions to the mix. Find out today if a pewter 3D letter routed sign in Marietta GA, could be an ideal starting point for your branding efforts. Contact our sign shop now!

pewter 3D letter routed sign in Marietta GA