Sign Refurbishing? Sign Restoration? Sign Repair? Oh, My!

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A short while ago, we talked about how an exterior sign could be hurting your business. We mentioned improper uses of temporary signage, misspellings, outdated information, and talked about damaged signs that lack partial illumination or show cracking surfaces. This report has prompted inquiries about what to do with signs that are in need of some attention. Typically, we deal with one of three distinct situations.

Sign Repair

Sign Refurbishing, Sign Restoration, Sign RepairSign Refurbishing, Sign Restoration, Sign RepairOne of the most frequent calls we receive deals with the repair of existing signs. Typically, a storm or some other outside force caused damage to the product. Storm damage, motor vehicle impacts, and accidental spills (on an indoor sign) are common reasons why store owners call us. Our technicians will visit your location to assess the damage and verify that the overall structure of the sign is in good shape. If it looks like the sign is so damaged that a fix will not be a lasting solution, we offer you a cost estimate on a replacement of the sign. If repairs are in your best interest, we set up an inventory list that outlines what steps we need to take to make the sign look like new.

Sign Restoration

Sign Refurbishing, Sign Restoration, Sign RepairA restoration is not something that we do after a major damage occurred. Instead, a business owner might contact us because the sign s/he had installed a while ago is quickly reaching the end of its useful life and shows some fading, cracking, or other minor damage. A restoration does not change or upgrade the product. Instead, it restores it to its former good looks. Depending on the makeup of the product, this might refer to power-washing monument signs, re-painting dimensional letters, or replacing vinyl overlays with fresh ones.

Sign Refurbishing

Sign Refurbishing, Sign Restoration, Sign RepairRefurbishing a sign is the art and science of taking a structure that is on your premises and turning it into a workable marketing and branding tool for your company. The typical refurbishing project we take on is the monument sign that an incoming tenant discovers on the commercial property. To make the product work for the new company, we typically clean, repaint, and redo the layout of information. We rely on the use of your corporate color palette and display text that mimics your use of fonts and colors.

But business owners also call us to refurbish their existing signs. Our technicians usually get these requests after a corporate re-branding. Whether you change the color of your logo, upgrade the font you use for the lettering, or even only adjust the spacing between style elements, this type of refurbishing is a must. It introduces the changes to your brand message and protects name recognition and a continuity of display.

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Sign Refurbishing, Sign Restoration, Sign Repair