Sharon Pointe Adds New Fabricated Monument Sign in Suwanee GA

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The Sharon Pointe HOA had a problem. Officials widened the road that went into the covenant-controlled area. However, the old monument sign was too big to fit now. Therefore, the HOA needed a new signage solution. This was when our sign shop got a call for assistance.

Putting Together a Fabricated Monument Sign in Suwanee GA

Fabricated Monument Sign in Suwanee GAThe fabricated sign looks professional and sophisticated. At the same time, it has a contemporary presentation. The sign appears to have been crafted with river rocks, which is actually an optical illusion. Instead, it consists of hardened sign foam that has been manufactured to look like rocks. This sign is sufficiently narrow to fit perfectly at the entrance of the neighborhood.

Why Choose Fabricated Monument Signs?

Fabricated Monument Sign in Suwanee GAWhat sets apart the fabricated setup from so many others is its versatility.

  • Size. There are many heights and widths. It is fair to say that there is a monument for any space. Whether you have limited room to work with or want to represent multiple company names, there is a size that suits your needs.
  • Design. Just as there are numerous sizes, there are also plenty of designs. Some monuments are straight while others present with curvatures. Besides that, you might have the sign look as though it is finished with bricks, stucco, river rocks, or lumber.
  • Finish options. For Sharon Pointe, the client requested a contemporary panel that displays with gold on black lettering. However, you do not have to follow suit if you want to select a different look. Pick from dimensional letters, channel letters, or a box cabinet.
  • Durability. Foam is supremely durable. It can withstand high winds and anything else that nature might throw at it. Besides that, it does not allow for water or insect damage.

Other Types of Monuments

When you are not sure that a fabricated monument sign in Suwanee GA, is the right option, there are other choices, too. A case in point is the brick and mortar monument that you might select. We build it from the ground up with rebar. This is the kind of sign that has stood the test of time. It looks great, is durable, and will be at the entrance to your venue for years or decades to come.

Another option is the design of a metal monument sign. This is a modern twist that typically combines with push-through acrylic letters and interior illumination. This sign is a favorite of hospitals and similar venues that want to make their information visible after dark.

Choosing the Right Lettering

Dimensional letters are common choices for monument signs. Selections include acrylic, metal, or PVC. You might also consider the display of a finished metal plaque or a panel displaying your information. When you like the idea of illumination, we recommend the use of a lightbox cabinet. We can scale it down to be thin and integrate into an existing monument. In other cases, we can design a monument sign that consists of a box cabinet.

With so many options open to you, it makes sense to contact our sign shop to learn more about the possibilities that are open to you. Call today!

Fabricated Monument Sign in Suwanee GA