What Are See-Through Window Graphics? Perforated Film

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What are see-through window graphicsWe routinely work with 3M products to create stunning vehicle window graphics as well as vivid displays for storefront glass panes. What does this material do and how can you use see-through window graphics in Alpharetta, GA?

What Makes Perforated Film Useful?

The 4mil cast vinyl film adheres better than calendared products. At a perforation count of 40 percent, it makes it possible to look outside from the interior. Those on the outside, however, see your imprinted marketing message. We use a specialized inkjet printer to transfer your design or image onto the material. Since we customize the dimensions of the display, the perforated film is ideal for windows of all sizes and shapes.

Window Graphics Continue Wrap Designs and Serve as Standalone Layout Tools

If you use a van for your business, you probably have some rather large rear windows. Clients who invest in vehicle wraps appreciate the fact that these glass surfaces do not result in a visual interruption of the wrap’s design. Instead, the use of perforated vinyl enables us to continue the design even on glass. For the client who only commissions window graphics, the use of the perforated material turns a window into a communicative marketing surface while ensuring full visibility for the driver.see-through window graphics in Alpharetta GA

Window Poster Displays Enable Changeable Seasonal Promotions and Product Introductions

Retailers in particular like the idea of changing out window displays. This month’s gift-giving occasion gives way to the new product launch a month later. Digitally printed graphics create crisp images and vibrant colors that do not fade. When our technicians install the products at your storefront, we ensure that they are perfectly level to the frame, which creates a visually attractive look. A twist on this product is the use of perforated window decals that you might use as decorative touches or for special promotions.

Full-pane Window Graphics Create Your Company’s Atmosphere

When you want to commit to a long-term window display, we recommend the use of a full-pane layout. It succeeds in setting an atmosphere for your establishment. Identify it as a quirky, avant-garde or traditional business. Another advantage of this product is the large-scale display of your advertising message. For example, if you operate a wine shop, it makes sense to present a large backdrop featuring a vineyard with bottles, grapes, and barrels or product grates in the foreground. Shoppers know what your business is all about even before they arrive at your front door.

seethroughwindow3Ordering Window Graphics in Alpharetta, GA

Discuss your product needs with our graphic artists. We frequently work with clients who like the idea of customized vinyl window poster shapes that take on the form of the logo or another layout option. While you market and brand with the display, you can still enjoy the natural light inside your business. Since bright, light colors show best, we work with you to put together a design that thrives with this color palette and creates a compelling visual interest. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and to get started on your design.