Retractable Banner Stands in Atlanta Have More Uses Than You Think!

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Meridian Signs & Graphics routinely works with companies that are commissioning retractable banner stands in Atlanta. Most of these clients plan to use the signage for trade shows. Moreover, this is where you typically notice them. That said, did you know that you do not have to put your banner stands in storage after the expo? Instead, use them for a host of functions in and around your venue.

Brand Awareness Building among Employees

retractable banner stands in AtlantaYou spend a lot of time and money on advertising your products to the public. However, do your employees know what your company is all about? Do they have the talking points they need to carry on a brand-centered conversation with an inquisitive consumer? A retractable banner stand in the employee lounge can make a world of difference.

  • Product knowledge. Help workers get the details right about the products that they represent. Showcase the types of ads you might be thinking of running before you actually publish them. The use of banner stands is ideal for this purpose.
  • Application suggestions. Employees learn more about products and what they could be used for. Visual cues make it possible to combine the written ad collateral with the pictures for more comprehensive brand awareness.
  • Name recognition. Do the names of your products roll off employees’ tongues? If not, you need to ensure that they know everything your company sells, manufactures, or represents. Banners are best because you can switch them out when your product focus changes.

Boosts to Brand Knowledge Invite Investors and Customers to Sign Up

retractable banner stands in AtlantaConsumers might already have a general idea of what your business is all about. However, you may need that little bit of extra sales collateral to get them to sign up. Banners in the lobby and conference room areas can be instrumental in helping people understand your company’s overall popularity and appeal. Most importantly, they build brand knowledge by combining your name’s mention with the product or service intricacies you offer.

Consumer Education Increases Interest in a Product or Service

retractable banner stands in Atlanta

You probably use these types of banners at the trade show. They flank your booth and funnel consumers to your table. However, envision now a similar display in your lobby. Only, in this case, the goal is not to visit the stand and sign up. Rather, the goal is to educate the customer who is waiting for an appointment with a sales representative. Doing so gets the conversation off to a great start. Most importantly, it could be the conversation starter your representative needs to start selling.

Do You Need New Retractable Banner Stands in Atlanta?

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