How Retail Store Signs Will Make Your 4th of July Sale Successful

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4th of July Banners Alpharetta GAWith Independence Day just around the corner, you have probably been wondering what types of retail store signs Alpharetta, GA, business owners should commission for a great sales event. Whether you are selling toasters, cars or anything in between, there are signage products that will help to make your 4th of July sale successful. What are your options?

Temporary Banners

Nothing advertises a great sale better than a temporary banner. Its very nature alerts passersby to the short-term duration of the sales event. Plan on a one-day sale or offer special deals for the entire week to your customers. This banner should feature the American flag, fireworks or at least a mention of the 4th of July. A great look includes the traditional colors of red, white and blue. Display these banners above the entrance of your store or in the parking lot where you can attach them between two light poles.

Window Graphics

4th of July Retail Store Sale Signs Alpharetta GAIf this Independence Day sale is an annual event, be sure to say so. It shows consumers that you are a successful retailer who has been at this location – or in business – for a while. Window graphics allow you to change the look and feel of your location with patriotic imagery that also includes your sales message. Combine a parking lot celebration with your sale. This brings in more shoppers who might come for the hot dogs and bounce houses but will stay to visit your store.

Flutter Flags

Catch the eye of motorists with these attractive signage products. On the outside of the store, they draw attention to your sale. They are excellent for a parking lot sale since this permits you put them out in large quantities. For a smaller store, one or two flutter flags invite shoppers to come inside the store to see what special deals you offer for the Fourth of July sales event.

Posters Inspire Shoppers

Turn shoppers into buyers with posters on the inside of your store. Combining all the imagery traditionally associated with Independence Day, you have the advantage of adding your sales messages to the mix. This is a great time to install point of sale signage that advertises product combinations as well as special buy-one-get-one-half-off sales. Display these markers at registers and at the shelves where you stock the targeted products.

Retail Store Stale Signs Alpharetta GAGetting Started on Your Order

Call the signage experts at Meridian Signs and Graphics today to discuss your signage needs for the upcoming Independence Day sales event. We work with you to put together a signage package that markets the occasion with a suitable one-two punch. If you just need one sign, we can help you there, too. We work with the artwork that you already have or create your marker from scratch.

In addition to manufacturing the products, we also help with the installation as needed. We gladly do so at your convenience when it will not disrupt your customers. We handle all kinds of 4th of July sale signs for Alpharetta and its surrounding areas. Find out today what your options are. Do not let your competitors get their orders in ahead of you!

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