Why We Recommend Channel Letters in Sandy Springs GA

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The Sandy Springs business community consists primarily of health care providers, high-tech industry establishments, retailers, and a vibrant entrepreneurial group. The Abernathy Square is a shopping center that impresses with its selection of merchants. The Exchange at Hammond succeeds in grouping stores that hold popular appeal to a broad range of shoppers. It is interesting to note that plenty of retail and service venues in the area opt for channel letters. In Sandy Springs, GA, it would be fair to say that this signage solution is a favorite. We have narrowed down three reasons why we recommend this product to clients thinking through their building sign choices.

1. Built-in LEDs Offer Lighting to Support Your Brand Message

channel letters in Sandy Springs GAOf all the lit signage products currently on the market, the channel letter setup offers you the greatest versatility. For a bold after-dark message, select a construction that allows the light to escape through the colorful fronts of the letters. When you favor a sophisticated or elegant display, choose a back-lit composition that bathes the building sign in a halo of illumination. Having both is also possible. When you like to replicate the look and feel of the old diner signs that showed neon lamps, an open-face design perfectly mimics this look. Selecting a lighting display that underscores your brand message is a snap with this signage option.

2. Suitable for any Building Wall

channel letters in Sandy Springs GAInstalling each letter takes between three and four screws. A few property management companies balk at this prospect. In other cases, a flush-mount installation is not possible because reaching the backs of the letters from behind your building wall is virtually impossible. In these situations, we simply rely on the use of a raceway for a successful installation. The raceway is a narrow, rectangle shaped box that contains all of the electrical components needed to power your channel letters. Installing the box is as simple as drilling four to six holes, which makes property managers happy. Next, we install the lettering to the raceway. After we paint the box in the same color as your building’s façade, you will be hard-pressed to see it.

3. Suitable for Combinations with Other Signage Products

channel letters in Sandy Springs GACombine your letters with a box cabinet that features your logo. Because both box cabinets and channel letters feature an aluminum construction with polycarbonate facings, the pairing works perfectly. Another option is the display of channel letters against a vinyl wall graphic backdrop. Occasionally, a company’s owner will ask us to dress up a façade with pizzazz in the form of a mural and then install the building sign. Doing so greatly enhances the curb appeal of the setting.

Buying Channel Letters in Sandy Springs GA

Whether you are buying the first building sign for a business or you are replacing an outdated signage product, discuss your plans with our graphic artists. We help you to learn more about the advantages that channel letters bring to your building’s overall appearance as well as the branding and marketing benefits they offer your company. Schedule your design consultation today by contacting our professionals.

channel letters in Sandy Springs GA