Why You Should Invest in Outdoor Advertising!

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Outdoor advertising for Alpharetta GAAre you thinking through your 2015 marketing budget? Have you been thinking of investing in outdoor advertising? Alpharetta business owners know that there is nothing quite as effective as a well-done vehicle wrap or graphics with lettering package. If you are still on the fence, consider these down and dirty advertising facts.

Outdoor Advertising More Popular Than Ever!

Let’s dive right in and give you the stats and top reason to invest now!

Putting the Outdoor in Advertising

Your business vehicle – car, truck, van or trailer – is located outside. This is also where your target demographic is located. Going to work, dropping the kids off at school, stuck in traffic or right behind you at the drive-through. Is there a better way to reach your potential customers than when they are pretty much a captive audience?

Making it Truly Mobile

Outdoor Advertising with Vehicle Graphics in AlpharettaExterior marketing signs beckon to the consumer who walks past your venue. There is the channel letter marker or the monument sign. Even the billboard, which has frequently been hailed as a great way to attract much attention, is dependent on someone driving past it. When the highway is closed, nobody pays attention, and your marketing dollars are spent in vain. But with the mobile aspect of outdoor advertising, you take charge of getting the message out. Drive to where your customers are and do not neglect to park near where you clients go to lunch.

Remarkable ROI

The return on investment is any business owner’s true benchmark for an effective marketing campaign. A vehicle wrap pays off. When you consider impressions to be the ultimate goal of your ad, vehicle wraps deliver about 1,000 impressions at the low cost of 35 cents. To get this kind of effect from a newspaper ad, you would have to spend an estimated $19.70.


You have options. While a full wrap is considered the Cadillac of outdoor advertising setups, you can also opt for a partial wrap that works well with the color of your car and gradually morphs into the advertising message. Graphics that combine with the Vehicle graphics and outdoor advertising Alpharettapartial wrap further enhance the memorable nature of this setup. Vehicle vinyl lettering is the base model but delivers a powerful marketing punch. In fact, when you add a few graphics, you will find that your work truck, delivery van or business car turns quite a few heads.

You Control the Message

What do you want your wrap to say? If you are changing product lines, upgrading your logo or changing gears with respect to available services, highlight these changes in your marketing message. In fact, we have heard from business owners who have wrapped multiple vehicles with near-identical wraps but chose to add different marketing messages to each one. This is a highly innovative method for getting the word out and making consumers do the double-take.

Are you ready to advertise with vehicle graphics in Alpharetta? Talk to the friendly experts at Meridian Signs and Graphics to get started on your order. We walk you through the design aspects of the wrap or other product, discuss the sizing of the message, the content of the message and also provide you with highly detailed proofs that show you what the vehicle will look like – before we get started.

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