Is It Possible to Use Channel Letters Inside Your Business in Atlanta?

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You are already familiar with dimensional letters for your signage inside the office or storefront. However, could you put channel letters inside your business in Atlanta? The answer is yes. In fact, there are several ways to go about it.

Take Advantage of Ledges, Overhangs, and Similar Architectural Style Elements

channel letters inside your business in AtlantaDoes your venue house different departments? Maybe you have doors that denote the transition from one to the next. Make wayfinding simpler with the help of illuminated channel letters. We can build these letters to scale, which ensures that we integrate them perfectly with the architectural style elements your space offers.

Capitalize on a Focal Wall with a Mural and Channel Letter Sign

channel letters inside your business in AtlantaThe focal wall is the first thing the customer sees when entering your location. What does your wall say? With channel letters that cover more than two-thirds of the wall space, you can create a powerful brand display. Heighten this appearance with a wall mural that bespeaks your brand impression.

You might feature images that show your employees at work, out in the community, or volunteering. Most offices or stores have blank walls that currently only highlight a few posters or artwork. Choose one of them to become your new brand expression wall.

Combine Box Cabinets with Push-Through Channel Letters

channel letters inside your business in AtlantaThe ultimate brand presentation is a combination of channel letters and lightbox cabinets. This mix allows for vivid impressions that heavily lean on your brand message. Choose the display of your lobby sign as the center or create an utterly stand-alone setup. Both options work well in virtually any space.

Opting for the Right Illumination

As is the case with outdoor channel letters, you can choose the illumination options for your indoor channel letter signage, too.

  • Front lit. The most vibrant color presentation is, without a doubt, the front lit display. It allows the light to escape from the front, which encourages the hues from the signage to shine brightly.
  • Halo lit. In this setup, the light escapes through the backs of the letters. It bathes each individual letter in a soft glow of illumination. This results in a sophisticated look that is fantastic for light and dark contrasts.
  • Combination. Of course, there are also the customers who want the best of both worlds. We can add several LEDs that allow for a vibrant front lit experience while you can still enjoy the halo illumination.

Putting Channel Letters Inside Your Business in Atlanta

What could a set of channel letters do for the interior of your business? Maybe you want to find a new way of presenting your lobby sign. Channel letters are ideally suited. We can combine them with a box cabinet to feature your logo symbol, too.

Then again, you might want to present your corporate persona as part of a branding display. In this setting, the importance is on the color play as well as the surrounding signage. Entrust our graphic artist with the sketch for this display.

Finally, you may want to rely on the illuminated channel letters as wayfinding tools. We can help make them stand out in all the right ways. Contact us today to start this project!

channel letters inside your business in Atlanta