Partial Vehicle Graphics vs Vinyl Lettering: Which Is Best?

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Vehicle vinyl lettering Alpharetta GAGranted, this sounds a bit like a trick question. After all, what will any signage maker say when asked about the benefits of partial vehicle wraps vs. vehicle vinyl lettering in Alpharetta, GA? Right? Wrong! At Meridian Signs and Graphics, we are all about individual customization that does not take a one-size-fits-all approach. With this in mind, we are convinced that there are times when vinyl lettering can outshine a partial vehicle wrap – although these occasions are admittedly few and far between.

A Brief Look at Vehicle Marketing

When the first commercially-minded farmer hitched a wagon to his horse and took wool to market, he most likely painted his name on the side of the contraption to identify his wool. In so doing, he let folks at the market know that those in search of high-quality wool should buy from him. Fast forward to the times of the Industrial Revolution, and you find carefully painted lettering on the sides of closed wagons and carriages.

Vehicle graphics vs vinyl letteringWith the invention of the automobile, these machines soon replaced the wagons and horses. The lettering idea transferred to the car as a means of advertising. Today, modern companies still use vehicles as advertising. Vehicle graphics, magnetic signs, full and partial wraps, lettering, window perfs and car toppers are just a few of the marketing tools currently available. So, which is best partial vehicle graphics vs vinyl lettering?

Lettering: Tried and True or Outmoded?

Vehicle Vinyl Lettering Atlanta and Cumming GAAs you can see, lettering on vehicles has been around for a good hundred years. Ad content in these settings has changed only slightly. There are, however, some good reasons to stick with the lettering.

  • Limited budget. If you are just starting out in business, your ad budget is tight. When you have to make a decision between adding vinyl letters to your car or leaving it completely devoid of any identifying company information, go for the lettering.
  • Sleek look. Modern technology makes lettering look vibrant and modern. This is a far cry from the hand-painted signage on the old cars. There are numerous packages that combine lettering with logo decals, which help market and brand your business.
  • No-nonsense look and feel. If you want your company to exude an air of no-nonsense business acumen, you achieve it with vinyl lettering. In some lines of work, this is a definite plus and a colorful wrap might be considered out of place.

That said, these instances are rare. It is far more common that a company could benefit far more from the addition of partial vehicle graphics when compared to vinyl lettering.

  • Partial vehicle graphics Alpharetta GABudget friendly. A partial wrap is far less expensive than a full wrap. Since it lasts for about five years, the wrap generally outlasts vinyl lettering, which may have to be replaced at least once in this time. Combine these two savings, and it makes sense for an established company to dig a bit deeper into the advertising budget for the wrap.
  • Larger ad coverage. When we cover your vehicle with a partial wrap, we make good use of a large portion of your car’s mass. This becomes viable ad space. Consumers see more ad content, retain more of the information and come to associate your business with the information they see as well as the artwork that is part of the wrap.
  • Suitable for almost all niches. No matter what type of business you are in, a partial wrap is probably going to be a suitable advertising tool for your company.

If you still have questions on which is better, partial vehicle graphics vs vinyl lettering, contact us today for a free quote…

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