Outfit Your Entire Office Building with ADA Compliant Signs in Alpharetta GA

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When business owners call the pros at Meridian Signs and Graphics to discuss ADA compliant signs in Alpharetta GA, they are typically confused. No other signage has as many regulations attached to it as this particular product line. To make the process of ordering these signs easier to understand, we offer you some ADA compliance straight talk.

Do You Need ADA Signs?

ADA Compliant Signs for Buildings in Alpharetta GA

If your business is open to the public, it needs to meet the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This law states that everyone is to have access to your building. In the case of signage, it provides accommodations for visually impaired clients and customers. Some company owners are now choosing to convert all signs to compliant products, even if the law exempts some of them. Doing so is not necessary, but it creates a tremendous amount of goodwill in the community.

Which Signs Have to Follow the Standards of the ADA?

ADA Compliant Signs for Office Buildings in Alpharetta GA

Lobby signs are exempt. But suite signs are not. As a general rule of thumb, any sign that identifies a permanent space in your facility must feature a compliant sign. Examples include wayfinding signs in stairwells, near the elevators, and at the entrances to hallways. Suite signs need to feature a compliant suite number notation. Restroom signs must also comply. Think of it from a safety point of view. Would the absence of a compliant sign endanger someone who is visually impaired?

How Have ADA Compliant Signs Changed over the Years?

ADA Suite Signs in Alpharetta GA

There used to be a time when sign makers would put together generic products that met the letter of the law but did precious little to allow the products to fit in with your setting. This time is gone. Now, there are new ways of combining rules with aesthetics to facilitate compliance and make the signage look great.

Case in point is the sign that features a contrast color from your corporate palette. Because there has to be a specific amount of contrast between a sign’s backdrop and its message, it is possible to work in at least one of your brand tones. Not everything has to be black and white (unless you like it like that). Other aspects of the signage changes now include additional font options and pictograms. The biggest thing to remember is the importance of ADA compliant signs in Alpharetta GA. Property managers and building owners must stay in compliance with ADA rules in Georgia.

How Do I Know Where to Mount Them?

ADA Signs for Facility Managers in Alpharetta GA

We help you! Our signage installers are experts in the field of mounting compliant products. We show you where the signs have to go and how high off the ground we need to put them. We gladly walk through your location to ensure compliance of signage that you already have installed. If necessary, we can adjust their display positions and heights, too.

Do You Need ADA Compliant Signs in Alpharetta GA?

Entrust your signage needs to the experts at Meridian Signs and Graphics. We routinely work with companies just like yours to put together a comprehensive package that ensures well-rounded compliance. Our shop serves the business communities in and around Alpharetta, Atlanta, Cumming, Roswell, Johns Creek, Milton, Duluth, Canton, and Marietta a well as all across Fulton County, GA. Call us today to discuss your product needs!

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