One-Stop Guide to Dimensional Letters and Logos

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The dimensional letter is a versatile marketing and branding asset. It is as apropos on the outside of your location as on the interior. The experts at Meridian Signs and Graphics have put together a one-stop guide to dimensional letters and logos to answer some of the most frequently asked signage questions.

Choose Dimensional Letters for a Façade with Existing Illumination

Dimensional Letters and LogosBusiness owners recognize that illumination is a crucial aspect of effective building signage. For this reason, many choose channel letters for their branding message. However, when you already have façade lights installed, you can save money by selecting dimensional letters. Case in point is the business that chooses dimensional acrylic letters with a strong brand tie-in to its façade colors while relying on gooseneck lamps for illumination.

Contrast Colors Work Well on Monument Signs

Dimensional Letters and Logos

Dimensional letters are also good choices for monument signs. Whether you have a wall that functions as a monument or a stand-alone structure, it is easy to add these elements. Combine your company’s name with the venue’s address for superior wayfinding. Many business owners elect to aim garden spotlights at their monuments for after-dark lighting. That said, we can often also assist with the installation of lights.

Symbols and Letters Combine for Effective Lobby Signage

Dimensional Letters and LogosWe routinely work with business owners who like to emphasize the font and color combination that defines their brands. Using acrylic, metal, PVC, or sign foam is an ideal solution. Moreover, the selection of these individualized materials boosts the brand impression that your signage makes.

Insurance providers, for example, favor acrylic with glossy finishes to distinguish their creativity when providing product solutions. Companies in the legal fields typically prefer metal. Physicians do well with any material choice but frequently opt for acrylic or sign foam clad with aluminum facings. We can shape a logo symbol from your selected material or present it with imprinted vinyl on a board.

Dimensional Letters and Logos: Dos and Don’ts

  • Do invite our signage experts to visit your setting for a site survey. It allows us to take measurements and ensures that the letters are in proportion with the wall features. For exterior setups, it lets our technicians size the letters with the speed of traffic in mind.
  • Do not display letters that do not contrast well. If your brand color and wall tones are too similar, we recommend installing the style elements to a board in a contrast color that nevertheless works well with the wall and lettering hues. This practice ensures ease of visibility.
  • Do not be afraid of sign foam. Foam sounds like something that the wind blows away. However, sign foam is a durable, budget-friendly, and versatile material that can provide you with years of useful life. In fact, this might be the right choice when you want to go big and bold.
  • Do ask our experts for help. We deal with signage every day. For you, this might be the first time shopping for dimensional letters. Call us. We love to talk shop.

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