Davinci Court Office Complex Benefits From Refurbished Monument Signs in Atlanta!

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Recently, we did some work at 3720-3740 Davinci Court, which is under the management of Banyan Street Capital. This property is a sizable office complex just off Peachtree Parkway. As a Class A complex, it needed refurbished monument signs in Atlanta that would be highly visible from the street.

Saving the Client Money while Creating Aesthetic Upgrades to Existing Monument Signs

refurbished monument signs in Atlanta

Update My Monument Sign in Atlanta GA

A look at their old monument signs.

Before we began the work, the monument signs had an attractive brick exterior with a tile front. The lettering and numerals took up the upper third of the sign. This style used to be popular but is no longer considered contemporary.

  • New paint for the brick. Our team began by repainting the brick and ledges of the existing signs. They were in excellent repair and only needed a good cleaning for the paint to adhere properly.
  • Refacing of the monument. Next, we removed the tiles that gave the signs a dated look. Instead, we refaced the signage with a color that complements the reddish brick tone. It creates a contemporary display that offers a good color contrast.
  • New dimensional letters. This time around, the dimensional letters take up three-quarters of the sign. It makes the name of the venue far more visible from the street. We used slightly thicker dimensional numerals to identity the street numbers.

Do You Need a New Monument Sign? Maybe Not!

Monument Sign Updates in Atlanta GA

This refurbished monument sign welcomes and invites.

It is tempting to believe that the outdated monument sign in front of your property needs to be replaced. And if it is in severe disrepair, you might be right. However, signs that have good “bones” typically do very well with a refurbishing. We can easily change the look and feel of the sign and modernize it for a contemporary visual appeal.

It starts with a site survey that allows us to inspect the signage and gauge its overall structural safety. Besides that, we ensure that the structure is up to code. This is of particular importance when you have an illuminated monument marker on your property.

Next, we create plans for what the finished product might look like. We propose changes to the paint colors as well as updates to the lettering that you currently display. If you opt for dimensional letters, we might suggest acrylic or metal, which are both very durable materials. Of course, we can also retrofit most monuments to support illuminated signage or the display of a box cabinet.

How to Commission Your Refurbished Monument Signs in Atlanta

Monument Sign Refurbishing Atlanta GA

Make your office court attractive to prospective tenants with great entrance signs!

We work with a broad range of signage products to upgrade their looks. Take a page from the playbook of Banyan Street Capital, and call us to work on your existing brick and mortar signage. That said, we can also take on post and panel signs that we then modernize and improve. The same is true for many prefabricated foam monuments that are becoming so popular in and around the Atlanta area.

It all starts with the site survey. Invite us out to visit your location and inspect the monument sign you currently have on your site. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

refurbished monument signs in Atlanta