Need Custom Trade Show Backdrops and Table Throws in Alpharetta GA?

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Located at 3635 Hamby Oaks Drive, the Thoroughbred Design Group does not horse around when its team discusses the concepts of brand development, prototyping, website management, and advertising. But when these heavy hitters needed a little help themselves with trade show backdrops and table throws in Alpharetta GA, the team contacted our experts for assistance.

Packaging Creativity

trade show backdrops and table throws in Alpharetta GAHow do you design a trade show setup for a client whose stock in trade is creativity? Rather than trying to outdo the business, we suggested taking a step and repeat banner approach. During our consultation, we designed a banner that features the company’s name and logo at the top while it displays the logos of some of its clients below. We color-matched the table throw, imprinted it with the name and logo, and allowed for its presentation as a color contrast to advertising materials. The package harmonizes visually and opens the door for accessory add-ons.

Helping Businesses to Stand out at Expos

The difference between a good display and a great one is the level of customization that goes into its planning and construction. For example, the use of gradient color changes in the Thoroughbred Design Group’s setup is an excellent method for making it possible to introduce additional colors and expanded signage in the future. What are some other options?

  • Modular booth selection. Modular setups are excellent choices when you like to reconfigure your presentation between shows.
  • Pillow case graphics. Choose pillow case graphics that you can change out as needed.
  • Retractable banner stands. Because you can bring along multiple cassettes with banners, you can modify the tenor of your display even while at the event. This step is of particular importance when selling merchandise and you have too much left over as the show nears its close. Aggressive sales messages and advertising steep discounts may help you sell out.
  • Step and repeat banners. If you want to remain somewhat non-committal about a product introduction or service launch, it is possible to feature logos of clients or highlight symbols of manufacturers your company represents.

Choosing Budget-Friendly Trade Show Backdrops and Table Throws in Alpharetta GA

Depending on the amount of money that you have budgeted for this year’s exhibit, you may opt for a large multi-tiered presentation or prefer the more minimalist combination of backdrops and accessories. Clients have had excellent success with the display of a multi-banner backdrop that combined layering with alternating message details. Another method is the use of a larger banner with supporting smaller presentations alongside it. Add a seating arrangement to the mix, and you have a small, cozy setup that is suitable for doing business.

When you are ready to make your selection for this year, contact our graphic artists for assistance. We work with you to put together an appearance that bespeaks your brand and advertises a product or service you intend to launch. If you are introducing your company, we ensure that the emphasis is more brand-driven than product focused. Bring along any graphics that you would like us to incorporate, which helps with the overall design. That said, we gladly create something completely new from the ground up.

Call us today to get started!

trade show backdrops and table throws in Alpharetta GA