Must-Have School Signs for the Fulton County School District

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Must-Have School Signs for the Fulton County School District
school restroom signage

Clearly marked restroom signage

Serving students from a variety of cities, including Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Sandy Springs and Roswell, the Fulton County School System operates about 58 elementary, 19 middle, 15 high and seven charter schools. Accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools as well as the Georgia Accrediting Commission, this school district has adopted the motto, “Where Students Come First.”

Part of putting students first is the use of excellent signs for schools in Fulton County. If you are an administrator in this school system and considering the addition or replacement of existing signage, what are your options?

Wayfinding Signs

From kindergarten to the senior class in high school, wayfinding is a big deal for students. They like the idea of being able to independently find their ways around the campuses. Obviously, the signage solutions vary by campus. At the kindergarten level, wayfinding signs are largely color-coordinated and visually appropriate for the pre-reader. At the elementary levels, it is time to bring in the text for assistance. In these settings, consider the addition of ceiling or wall-mounted signs that make it easy for everyone to see the marker.

Parking Lot Markers

Wayfinding Signs for Fulton County Schools

Wayfinding and directional signs a must do!

Safety is a big deal for schools. One of the most dangerous parts of the campus is the parking lot. Assign parking spaces for faculty members, students and visitors. This cuts down on vehicles jockeying for position. Simple post and panel aluminum signs with arrows make it perfectly clear where motorists should park. Floor graphics assist with the creation of crosswalks that allow students to cross the busy main thoroughfare of the parking lot to enter the building.

Building Signage

Keep the community, parents and student body informed about events with school signs for the Fulton County School District. LED message boards that combine with lightbox cabinets to display the schools’ names are ideal. The school signage experts at Meridian Signs and Graphics can install them directly to the façade of your main building or integrate them into monument signs that you would place near the entrance to your parking lot. Other signage options for the building include channel letters and dimensional letters.

ADA Signs for Fulton County Schools

Don’t forget ADA signs!

ADA Signage

Do not neglect the installation of innovative ADA-compliant signage on the interior. Catering to students, parents and faculty members who are under the protection of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), these markers must display certain contrasts, style elements and symbols. The law also defines mounting locations and heights. Our signage experts know the intricacies of the law and ensure that your campus is in full compliance.

Starting Your Order

Call us today for more information on these signage options and to schedule your site survey. We visit your location to take in the layout of the campus and inspect the signage products that you already have. In many cases, we can seamlessly integrate existing markers into a new look that features additional sign products. When you want to undertake a complete signage overhaul, we inventory possible mounting locations, take measurements and then work up a signage package that meets all of your needs.

School signs for the Fulton County School District