Must-Have Pop-Up Displays for Atlanta Events!

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Are you taking your business on the road? Trade shows, conventions, expos, and special events that are open to the general public are excellent opportunities to showcase what you do, what brands you represent, and how consumers could benefit from doing business with you. There is a broad range of signage products that helps you stand out. Cases in point are pop-up displays for Atlanta events.

Tabletop Pop-Ups Support an Informational Display

pop-up displays for Atlanta eventsIf you are bringing along quite a bit of marketing collateral, you cannot go wrong with a professionally done table setup. It begins with an imprinted throw. Next, invest in a six-foot pop-up that takes up the width of the table. At the height of five feet, it stands out and attracts attention.

The setup is easy. The inner frame folds right up and expands to hold the panels. Our sign shop provides the imprints that bespeak your corporate details. Some clients have had excellent success with using imprinted fabric that stretches over the frame. Either presentation is a good option for getting your message across and providing a backdrop for the marketing collateral.

Eight-Foot Wide Curved Pop-Up for a Booth

pop-up displays for Atlanta eventsWhat do you do when you need a pop-up that serves as the backdrop to a booth setup? Curved presentations have a way of beckoning consumers to step closer. Place a table or podium in front of them. These products measure about seven feet in height, which is sufficiently tall to obstruct the view of competitors’ presentations.

This setup works in much the same way as the tabletop product. There is an inner frame that unfolds. Due to the curvature of the design, the imprinted fabric is your best option. Consider adding optional light fixtures to the top, which ensures that you do not depend on the illumination in the expo hall or outside.

Straight Pop-Ups Dazzle with a Maximum of Display Space

pop-up displays for Atlanta eventsAt a width of about nine feet, the straight pop-up display does not require a fabric covering. It is suitable for imprinted panels, which gives you some leeway when it comes to switching out details about the brands or services you want to promote. It is not unusual for convention attendees to change their offers halfway through the show to capitalize on consumer interest.

The setup is as easy as that of the other pop-up displays. There is an internal frame that expands and collapses as needed. Most importantly, you have the opportunity to add lighting for emphasizing your presentation and making it stand out from those that surround it. This display is an ideal solution for a booth backdrop, an informational stand introduction, or a product launch presentation.

Selecting Your Customized Pop-Up Displays for Atlanta Events

pop-up displays for Atlanta eventsDiscuss your plans with our graphic artist. Because customization is essential for an effective display, we want to help you stand out in all the right ways. Most importantly, when you order your graphics now, you get a jump on the competition. Whether you require imprinted vinyl, fabric, or want something altogether different for your pop-ups, we can help.

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pop-up displays for Atlanta events