Morgan Easley Chooses an HDU Sign Panel as an Exterior Wall Sign

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Clients find Morgan Easley at 555 Sun Valley Drive in Roswell, GA. The company provides legal expertise to businesses needing assistance with transactions, disputes, and employment law. Other services include help with business formations and tax law, franchising, and intellectual property protection. When the law firm decided it wanted to add a fitting building marker, it chose an HDU sign panel as an exterior wall sign.

Understated Elegance and Functionality Combine

HDU sign panel as an exterior wall signThe office is situated in a converted residence. The façade features red brick. The entryway displays a white column with matching soffits and fascia boards. Installing a typical building sign consisting of dimensional letters would look out of place. What the venue needed was a design that underscored the locale’s understated elegance but would not do so at the cost of functionality.

After consulting with our customer, we designed a high-density urethane (HDU) board that displays the company’s logo and name. The white on black colors perfectly fit in with the palette already in play at the office. Moreover, the signage design with its cutouts and shaping expertly embraces the overall elegance and style of the architecture. That said, the data is visible and provides suitable wayfinding assistance for the firm’s clients.

HDU Panels Work Well in Many Settings

HDU sign panel as an exterior wall signWhen working with the material, we can route or sandblast it. Doing so determines which style elements will stand out in a three-dimensional fashion. Our technicians help you select a background design that allows for the inclusion of a wood grain style finish or something else altogether. Painting the sign heightens the aesthetic appeal. Because these design options provide a high level of versatility, you find HDU signs in a broad range of settings.

For example, historical buildings, and those situated in parts of town where merchant councils try to preserve a specific look, benefit from the elegant presentation that HDU panels bring to the location. Your sign can look aged or sophisticated to be in keeping with the overall vibe you want to portray with the business. This same opportunity applies to companies located in mixed zone settings where standard commercial signage is simply out of place.

But there is also an aspect of artistry that comes with an HDU sign panel as an exterior wall sign. Because our technicians have the option of applying a variety of colors and three-dimensional design details, your company benefits from a sign that immediately catches the attention of passersby. Even those who might not typically be part of your target demographic cannot help but notice your venue. From there, it is easy to build name recognition and receive word-of-mouth advertising as well as encourage the impulse stop.

Discussing Your Signage Options with an Expert

When you are ready to see what a sandblasted or routed building sign could do for your company’s façade, discuss your plans with our business signage experts. We help you envision the look of the product and the fit on the façade. Contact us today to learn more about your options.

HDU sign panel as an exterior wall sign