Get Noticed with Monument Signs in Duluth GA

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You know Duluth as a suburb of Atlanta. The local business community knows it as a hotbed of information technology, warehousing and an attractive mix of corporate services. As noted by city officials, the area ranks third “for Fortune 500 companies and Global 500 headquarters.” Against this backdrop, business owners must decide how to stand out from the crowd, bring in new customers and establish their service models or product brands. The right signage makes it possible. Cases in point are monument signs in Duluth GA.

Post and Panel Displaysmonument signs in Duluth GA

You would ordinarily associate post and panel signs with wayfinding tools. Service providers, specifically health care specialists, like to expand the use of this setup for monument displays. The panels offer plenty of space for multiple listings of professionals while also allowing for artistic renditions of logos. With shortened posts and optional accessories such as finials and LEDs for illumination, these signage solutions work well in virtually any landscape setting.

Cabinet Signage

Another option is the use of cabinet monuments. They attach to either brick and mortar bases or metal stands. The brick and mortar construction is the tried and true method of monument sign construction that has stood the test of time. A metal base is an advanced option that makes it possible to imbue the setting with an avant-garde or high-tech character. The use of multiple illumination systems offers the opportunity to light up different components with colorful bulbs of your choosing. Some business owners opt for cabinets with built-in changeable reader boards that require either manual changes or electronic updates.

monument signs in Duluth GAUnusual Designs and Ornate Facings

Getting noticed in and around Duluth is easier when you think outside the box. For example, height can be your ally when choosing a monument. If zoning requirements keep you low to the ground, opt for an unusual design. Examples include cubes or obelisk-shaped signage solutions. We always recommend the use of lit signage since it helps your message to stand out after dark. In the case of monuments, it transforms these products into beacons that beckon to customers.

Ornate facings are an opportunity to make your branding presentation memorable. Some clients choose to install a traditional brick and mortar monument or pre-fabricated foam structure. They then commission sandblasted high-density urethane (HDU) facings that display their information with a 3D look. Expertly colored in, this signage solution manages to stand out with its handmade appeal and detail work.

monument signs in Duluth GACommissioning Monument Signs in Duluth GA

Contact our graphic artists to discuss your plans to install a monument sign. We visit your venue to find the right location and meet with you to design a product that factors in your applicable zoning rules. During our site survey, we gauge the speed of traffic, which helps us to determine the appropriate sizing of your letters. If you are thinking of combining your monument with exterior directional signage or similar products, our experts can help you think through the setup of a joint presentation. Contact us today to get started on your project!


monument signs in Duluth GA