Medline Adds 3D Letter Building Sign and Wayfinding Signs in McDonough GA

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Located at 1500 Medline Place, Medline is McDonough’s local medical supplies manufacturer and distributor. The company tackles supply chain requirements while also providing business solutions such as quality management. Products run the gamut from advanced wound care goods to respiratory items. When the company needed a 3D letter building sign and wayfinding signs in McDonough, GA, for its new facility, the management team contacted our experts for assistance.

Become a More Visible Presence in the Community

3D Letter Building Signs and Wayfinding Signs

Dimensional Letter Building Sign Installation

Having an excellent building sign is a must, and featuring signage that helps customers find their ways around is a great way of ensuring that you do not miss any sales opportunities. When consulting with our client, the team informed us that it wanted a large sign that would take up a sizable portion of the building’s wall. Our artists designed a setup that measures 15 feet in height, which includes 26-inch-tall channel letters in the middle of the logo display. The sign’s white color contrasts beautifully with the blue wall backdrop, which perfectly mimics the enterprise’s online brand presentation.

Custom Exterior Wayfinding Signs

We added numerals to the upper left corner of the building, which enhances wayfinding capacities. Our technicians used ¼-inch-thick aluminum for these products and made them stand 12 inches tall. They stand out but do not draw attention away from the building sign. For the wayfinding signs, we opted for a more artistic presentation. Our experts put together four signs for the facility, which stand six feet tall. They help direct traffic to ensure that trucks and other traffic find the receiving area and associated locations. Each sign features a standing panel with white print that displays an offset board with a white-print-on-blue backdrop displaying the company’s name and logo; almost like a monument sign!

Creating Matching Appearances with a Signage Presentation

Custom Exterior Receiving Signs

Matching signage is a significant asset to the overall presentation of your corporate persona.

Visually ties a space together. When a property is larger and features multiple entrances, docks, parking areas, and office buildings, it makes sense to present your branding on markers throughout the setting. With customized wayfinding signs, doing so is easy. They add splashes of your corporate color palette throughout the property and show your name as well as the logo.

Reinforces brand awareness. For a business that is new to an area, it makes sense to take every opportunity to build brand awareness. By displaying a name and logo setup on exterior signage products – and on the inside, too – you make it possible for the consumer to take in multiple mentions of your information.

Helps form name recognition. Along the same lines, remember that a frequent repetition of your company’s name makes it much easier for the customer to remember the moniker.

Supports aesthetics. Matching signage products simply look better than a hodgepodge of useful but mismatched markers.

Do You Need a Set of Facility Signs?

Custom Visitor Parking Signs

Whether you need a 3D letter building sign and wayfinding signs in McDonough, GA, or a lightbox cabinet and ADA signs in one of the surrounding cities, we can help. Contact our business sign experts today to learn more about the options that could be ideally suited for you!

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