The Many Uses of Retractable Banner Stands

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Retractable banner stands are widely used by business owners across the state. They are lightweight, a snap to transport, and they make setup of any display quick and straightforward. Typically, you might use this signage solution for trade show appearances. But did you know that it has plenty of additional functions, too?

Select the Right Setup to Suit Your Needs

Retractable Banner Stands5The basic stand consists of a cassette that holds the banner – rolled up – and functions as a stand. It attaches to a wand that holds the sign up and keeps it from showing any wrinkling. That said, manufacturers have found plenty of ways to dress up this product.

  • Height adjustments. Some stands come with adjustable heights. This is a significant advantage when you like to play around with sizing. Ranges typically cover 11 inches all the way to 85 inches and taller.
  • Width selections. Widths are not adjustable. Choose one that meets your needs. Options range from eight inches all the way to 41 inches. In some cases, you might even go wider.
  • Display areas. Typically, a retractable banner stand is single-sided. That said, there are now more double-sided displays coming on the market. Envision yourself marketing your company’s information to consumers on either side of the sign.

No matter what model you choose, the stand is durable, supports vinyl and fabric banners, and comes with end cap finish pieces to make the unit look attractive.

Top Uses for Retractable Banner Stands

Retractable Banner StandsYou already know that the stand does a great job on the trade show and expo circuit. Use it to draw in foot traffic and attract the attention of the press. When you use multiple stands, you might even create a booth backdrop. Other companies have succeeded with the use of the stands as attention getters by placing them throughout the venue with arrows pointing in the direction of the booth.

However, the usefulness of the product does not end there.

  • Lobby displays. Case in point is the set of banner stands that we did for CALMAC. These products are heavy on information. They are ideally suited for a business insider’s expo. At the same time, they are so informative that they make excellent lobby signage solutions for educating prospective clients about the products.
  • Marketing tools. Advertise your products and services with retractable banner stands. Even though they are used for interior displays, you can carry them outside for a quick setup alongside other signage that is already in place. For example, the banner stand easily expands on the message that window graphics spell out.
  • Seasonal signage. When you offer seasonal services and products, rely on retractable banner stands to spell out directions and information. Because the banners roll up into the cassette, you can reuse them year after year.

Order Your Retractable Banner Stand Today

Discuss your signage needs with our experts. We help you select a banner stand display with the right width and height. If you are unsure whether the retractable model is right for you, we can also help you with telescopic, fabric frame, illuminated, and spring back models. Contact us today for more information!

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