Madison James Uses Backlit Dimensional Letters for Runway Show in Atlanta!

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Located in downtown Atlanta as part of the AmericasMart Atlanta shopping destination, Madison James offers bridal, men’s wear, and special occasion collections. Trunk shows and runways are the ideal marketing and branding tools the business prefers for its exclusive products. To stand out and clearly communicate a brand message that sticks with audiences, Madison James contacted our experts to discuss the design of backlit dimensional letters for runway show in Atlanta.

After meeting with our client, we designed mirrored dimensional letters. They provide a classy appearance that presents the company’s name in a chic but functional manner. Manufactured letters such as these are ideal for the inclusion of LEDs for illumination. We attached the light sources to the backs of the letters. Next, we mounted the letters with standoffs to the dark substrate of the backdrop. When the light turns on, the business’ name displays not just as metallic letters but also as a lit appearance right behind them. The client’s selection is the ideal manner for presenting the enterprise’s upscale brand.

Metal Letters Make an Excellent Impression

backlit dimensional letters for runway show in AtlantaWe frequently work with business owners who fall in love with the appearance of metal dimensional letters. And, why not? The allure of the material is catching, and customers respond with interest and admiration to the sophistication that this product solution brings to the table. Most commonly, our clients opt for letters to display as lobby signs, conference room markers, or building signs.

Design Elements that Make the Look Ideal for Any Business

backlit dimensional letters for runway show in AtlantaWe usually work with aluminum, bronze, copper, and steel to make flat-cut letters. The depth of the elements depends on the material selection. For example, aluminum is perfect for one-inch-thick displays. Steel and bronze are better suited for half-inch-depths. Although we can easily paint metal letters in any color you desire, the majority of our clients want to bring out the beauty of the material with a targeted finish.

For example, brushed or polished aluminum are extremely popular. Polished steel surpasses stainless presentations. When making bronze letters, some clients like the look of a traditional patina that would form after decades of exposure to the elements. By introducing the look into a lobby setting, you achieve an amazing contrast to high-tech business models and products. Another favorite is dark oxidized copper because of its reddish appearance and depth of presentation.

Installation Options

backlit dimensional letters for runway show in AtlantaStud mounts are the typical method of installing metal letters to walls. Depending on the weight of the letters, which depends on the depth and height of the material, we may seek to strengthen the mounting method a little. This step is not usually necessary, however, unless you select oversized displays.

Adding Illumination

backlit dimensional letters for runway show in AtlantaAdding LED options to the mix is possible in many situations. Of course, we can also add this type of lighting to acrylic letters. For example, if you prefer a logo board setup, we could mount the light sources right behind the board. Whether you need backlit dimensional letters for runway shows in Atlanta or you want to impress visitors to your lobby, contact our experts today to learn more about this signage solution!

backlit dimensional letters for runway show in Atlanta