Logo Brand-Building Lobby Sign for Stealth Partner Group in Atlanta!

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In the business of stop loss management, the Stealth Partner Group collaborates with consultants, brokers as well as administrators. Superior negotiation tactics and extensive experience with top insurers make this business a must-have partner. When the company moved its offices to 400 Perimeter Center in Suite 900, the management team contacted the professionals at Meridian Signs and Graphics to design, manufacture and install a brand-building lobby sign.

Logo Lobby Signs for Atlanta Companies

Brand Building Lobby Signs for Atlanta

Our graphic artists recreated the company’s name and logo display directly from its website. Doing so has the advantage of creating instant name recognition with clients who first researched the company online. We used half-inch thick PVC that we painted a gradient hue to create a perfect color match for the business. Mounted directly to the drywall, the sign presents with a three-dimensional effect that catches the eye of anyone walking in.

What Does Your Lobby Sign Say About Your Business?

Dimensional Letter Lobby Signs for Atlanta

Ideally, your lobby signage clearly communicates your branding message. Upon entering your reception area, the display immediately grabs the client or customer’s eye. Next, the product sends out messages about your approach to doing business as well as the characteristics that set you apart from the competition. How can a sign accomplish this? Easy!

It starts with the selection of the right material. Metal is ideal for companies in the financial sector because it signals longevity and confidence. For artists, software engineers and pediatricians, colorful acrylic makes a better impression. This material underscores the commitment to creativity and innovation; in the case of pediatricians, this signage choice has an increased appeal for children who are targeted consumers of this niche.

Once you have selected the right material, it is time to consider the manufacturing technique. For a three-dimensional effect, we usually work with sign foam or acrylic boards as well as offset mounts. Directly mounting letters to the wall is another attractive option that creates an integrated look for the style elements of the lobby. The right solution for your foyer depends heavily on the look of the space’s interior décor.

Building Your Brand Now

Logo Lobby Signs for Atlanta

Contact our professionals to learn more about the use of dimensional letter lobby signs for Atlanta companies as well as the other signage products we recommend for reception areas. Our professionals collaborate with your team to put together a look that is as unique as your company. We endeavor to help you create a look that becomes synonymous with the business. Since marketing with the sign is just as important as branding, it is crucial that the product also continues the message that your building signage presents.

We usually incorporate any artwork that you already have into the design of the finished product. When you are re-branding or intending to start a new campaign that you have never before used, our graphic artists gladly create something new from the ground up. In fact, this approach works well with companies that are spinning off businesses to open in different venues. These signs must hint at the spin-offs without compromising the main marketing message that identifies the parent group. We gladly help you with all of these tasks. Call us today to get started.

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