Guide to Lobby Signs for Alpharetta GA

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Lobby Signs for Alpharetta GALobby signs for Alpharetta GA businesses are the perfect means for making that great first impression. What do clients see when they first step through your doors?

Dated Signage?

A dated sign is one that displays the types of colors and typeface, which were considered hot and hip a few decades ago. This is commonly seen with companies that have been in business since the 1980s or before. You have probably noticed that some of the long-established businesses tend to re-brand themselves every generation or so. At that time, they also update the lobby sign.

Tip: Talk to the cutting edge lobby sign specialists at Meridian Signs and Graphics to discuss a marker makeover. In some cases, something as subtle as the shading of your logo can revamp the look of your entire reception area and shave years off your look.

No Signage?

Have you moved into your space and gotten right down to business? Some boxes are still cluttering the reception area and there is no sign on the walls? You are missing out on the branding message that your marker provides.

Reception area signs Alpharetta GATip: Commission your lobby sign today. In addition to letting clients know that they have come to the right place, you will also imbue the space with the atmosphere that you seek to create. Whether it is a hint at the longevity of the business or the fact that you are on the cutting edge of your niche, the reception area sign tells the story well before you or your staff will.

Unsuitable Signage

You started out as a quirky game designer but have since shifted gears into the development of websites and databases. Your Alpharetta lobby sign still displays the telltale imagery from your gaming days. This does little to present you to the public in your new role as an experienced database designer and manager. In fact, having the wrong type of marker can actually cost you some business.

Tip: When you change course in your business, your lobby sign should reflect this transformation. Whether you add new services, eliminate others or enter into a professional partnership that changes the tone of the office in its entirety, do not neglect to let your marker tell the story.

Hallmarks of Great Lobby Signs For Alpharetta GA Businesses

Acrylic Lobby signs Alpharetta GAIn contrast, the signs of great markers are easy to recognize.

  • Suitable material choice. Wood, glass, stone, painted PVC, foam, acrylic, or metal laminate are just a few of the options that are open to you. For a business in the finance sector, a brushed aluminum sign is always apropos. If you are running a spa, a wood or stone marker might be more appropriate.
  • Great mounting location. Dedicate a significant amount of wall space to your new reception area sign. Ideally, it should be centered over your receptionist’s desk. If this is not possible, pick the focal wall in your lobby to display the marker.
  • Excellent style. If you are an avant-garde company, your sign must follow suit. If you are operating out of a minimalist office, the sign should not be fancy and winsome. In short, your style needs to be mirrored by the signage that you choose for the front office.

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