LED Signs Atlanta Businesses Are Choosing Right Now!

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When you want to get the attention of the consumer, nothing beats the LED signs Atlanta businesses are currently investing in. You have undoubtedly already noticed that your competition is telling its brand story with the help of highly visible custom LED signs. Most importantly, these digital signage solutions are ideal when you like to be in control of programmable message displays. What are your options?

Façade-Mounted LED Signs Highlight Special Events

LED Signs AtlantaGet the community involved in your school, volunteer organization, or other groups with a façade-mounted building sign. Colorful lettering displays against a black backdrop for maximum readability. Best of all, this type of sign can augment your building signage with ease. Highlight your brand story, bring in more people, and encourage members of the community to stop by for a variety of reasons.

Pylon-Mounted LED Signs Talk about Product News

LED Signs AtlantaAre you running a special sale this weekend? Maybe a highly sought-after product finally came in. We recommend mounting this type of LED cabinet right underneath your lightbox marker that identifies your company and branding. It is an excellent way for the sign to play a secondary role in the advertisement that your signage displays. At the same time, it lets you give the consumer good reasons to stop in or visit you online for more information on products or services.

Of course, you can also use a much smaller LED cabinet to display rates. Doing so is a fantastic idea when you rent rooms, sell gasoline, or offer attractive interest rates on mortgages. In fact, you frequently notice these box cabinets as part of pylon signage that hotels, motels, gas stations, banks, and credit unions display near the street. These rates are designed to get the consumer talking and bring them in for an impulse stop.

Monument-Mounted LED Signs Support Your Brand Message

LED Signs AtlantaAt the bottom of the monument sign is the box cabinet featuring your company’s name and logo. It displays the colors you have chosen for your brand message. Right above it, you will notice the LED sign that is of equal size. It can feature a patriotic message or anything else that you want the community in general and your targeted consumer group in particular to know.

How to Order LED Signs Atlanta Customers Respond To

LED Signs AtlantaPlease meet with our graphic artist to discuss the details of your signage need. Are you thinking of adding the sign as a primary building marker? Will you use it to support your brand on a pylon or monument? Each presentation has its unique size and color options. Most importantly, do you prefer a single or double-sided representation of the information?

If you are thinking of using the LED sign to support a building marker, consider that we can adapt the way the cabinets look to have a cohesive display. It is a great way of advancing brand awareness and knowledge among consumers in your targeted demographic.

With the adjustable brightness that the signs offer, you can even install them in areas where there is direct sunlight – or very little of it. Contact us today to learn more about your options and begin the design process!

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