Invest in Fleet Graphics in Duluth GA!

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 fleet graphics in Duluth GAIf your company operates a fleet of work trucks, delivery vans, customer service cars or any other type of vehicles, you are in the unique position of compellingly advancing brand awareness and name recognition among consumers. Each vehicle is a potential moving billboard. As such, it succeeds in introducing your business over and over again. But if you still have not installed fleet graphics in Duluth GA, what should you know today?

Tourist Destinations Offer Excellent Advertising Potential

Combined with the natural beauty of Duluth, its shopping opportunities and nostalgic feel make the city a premier tourist destination. Visitors to the area note your marketing and branding messages and take this knowledge back to nearby Atlanta and other locations. As a result, your fleet graphics may assist you with expanding your service and sales territory considerably.

What Do Great Fleet Graphics Look Like?

 fleet graphics in Duluth GAOf course, before you can reap the benefits of this marketing approach, you need to commission the advertising materials first. How can you outfit a fleet with your message?

  • Essential components. If you are just starting out in your field, or if your advertising budget does not allow for too many bells and whistles, we suggest a combination of letters identifying the name of your business and a decal depicting its logo. Add contact information and a brief niche explanation, if needed, and your vehicles deliver your message.
  • Expanding on the basics. When the niche statement is instrumental in setting your brand apart from competitors, it makes sense to add more information. This step could involve a menu of available services or a targeted listing of the types of tasks you take on that others in your field do not. For example, a landscaper may list that s/he specializes in the design of backyard ponds in addition to handling all common gardening tasks.
  • Adding graphics. Niche-specific graphics are well worth the investment. These visual clues underscore your niche explanation and have the potential to act as mnemonic devices to help consumers remember your product or service against the backdrop of a company’s name.
  • Wraps offer commercial-grade still images. Of course, the most effective advertising approach for any fleet is – and always was – the vehicle wrap. You gain the highest level of marketing display space while honing your message to appeal to your targeted demographic even as it communicates with those outside of that group.

Discussing Fleet Graphics in Duluth, GA, with the Experts

 fleet graphics in Duluth GAWhile the size of your fleet and your budget dictate the types of graphics that you can order and install today, remember that it is always possible to upgrade and add on. One of the biggest mistakes fleet operators make is the failure to enhance their mobile marketing in favor of waiting until it is time to replace the graphics package. Contact our advertising experts today to learn more about the displays you may be able to order now, and find out about possible future upgrades. Planning your investment in this type of marketing campaign can be a powerful tool in the growth of your brand locally and beyond the city’s borders.

fleet graphics in Duluth GA