Best Types of Interior Signs for Atlanta GA Professional Buildings

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Interior Signs for Atlanta GA professional buildingsThe types of lobby signs for professional buildings in Atlanta that work best are the same signage options that combine excellent workmanship with proven psychology. In particular, the human brain’s reaction to various colors and shades must be factored in when commissioning your signs. For example, did you know that our eyes alone convey 80 percent of the total information we take in to our brains? Retail Customer Experience marketing experts do, and this is why they urge retailers – and, by extension, other business owners – to tailor venue color schemes to their target audiences. For professional offices, the need for eye-grabbing signs are especially important.


Interior Signs That Shine


Here at Meridian Signs and Graphics, we like to say, “A Company with a Great Sign is the Sign of a Great Company.” The lobby and reception signs you choose for your Atlanta professional buildings should include bold colors and offer the energy younger consumer crave or have subtle hues that will endear your brand to an older clientele. Our graphic designers understand the psychology of colors. They also understand the importance of putting together an interior signage package that meets all of your needs.

ADA Complaint Signs and Braille Signs AtlantaWhen you are ready to add conference room signs or directory signs, consider the following options:

  • ADA Signs – The Americans with Disabilities Act specifies that wayfinding signs need to be installed so that consumers with disabilities will benefit from them. This includes the use of Braille, the use of color contrasts and the sizing of the signs. We integrate these signs seamlessly with your other wayfinding signs for a visually harmonious whole.
  • Lobby Signs – Display your company’s name and invoke an immediate association with a thought or feeling. Opt for brushed metal letters when you want your sign to bespeak sophistication. Pick acrylic lettering when you want to come across as a hip thought leader whose products or services appeal to a younger audience.
  • Suite Signs – Can you stand out in a long hallway of closed doors? Sure! Pick a sign with a background that offsets the foreground plaque and its lettering. In this manner, folks who cannot remember your company name will instead remember your signage setup.
  • Welcome and Door Signs – Your door signs should inform the customer of your business’ name and its hours of operation. At the same time, it should be a first welcome that entices the consumer to open the door and step in. Does your current door sign fulfill these two important functions? If not, it might be time for an upgrade.
  • Wayfinding Signs – You may be surprised to learn how useful arrows signs can be. They are so versatile that you can suspend them from the ceiling, hang them from walls or affix them to the flooring. Guide your visitors to the right department without enlisting the help of a receptionist. While in the past educational venues have used long stripes painted on walls to achieve this goal, modern companies have realized that consumers prefer arrows and clearly marked doorways.
  • Directory and Suite Signs AtlantaDirectories – Help consumers get their bearings with easy-to-read directories. Place them near entryways, elevator banks or stairwells. When customers are confident with the location of their desired department, they are more likely to spend a bit of time checking out other departments on the way. This is important for retailers. If customers are anxious about finding the right place in due time, you may miss out on browsing behavior, which frequently results in impulse buys.

Of course, there are many more opportunities for including interior signs in your Atlanta professional building. If you operate a retail location, service provider office or other type of company, ensure that your signs are well made and follow the latest discoveries of color psychology. Whether you sell widgets or make braces, the right signage can have a huge impact on your bottom line.

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