Install Customized Forsyth County School District Signs This Summer

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Summer vacation is a great time to upgrade the signage in and around your school. As an administrator within the Forsyth County school district, you are at the forefront of serving a large number of learners. Here are ideas for customized school district signs that are easy on the budget and highly effective.

LED Reader Boards for Monument Signs

Forsyth County School District SignsThe monument sign greets parents, students, and visitors to the facility. When you add LED reader board functionality to the structure, you boost the versatility of the medium. Choose from a full-color or primary display. You control the message that the reader board sends. For example, inform interested parents when school starts, informational meetings take place, or special events occur.

Dimensional Letters Label Destinations at Your School Building

Forsyth County School District SignsMake it easy for new students and staff members to locate the restrooms, cafeteria, auditorium, and other venues. Dimensional letters can be as large as you need them to be to get the attention of those walking through the halls. Choose from acrylic, metal, or sign foam. Many schools like sign foam because we can create impressive 3D signage presentations with it.

ADA Signage Upgrades Give a Learning Center a Uniform Look

Forsyth County School District SignsEliminate the hodgepodge of signs by deciding on a compliant ADA presentation. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) specifies that schools must make room labels visually accessible to those with disabilities. Raised lettering, pronounced color contrasts, and the use of pictographs assist with the goal of assisting all people at your school identify the permanent rooms. Our graphic artist can help you find an attractive way of incorporating your school’s color scheme into the customized signage.

Additional Signage Options to Consider

Summer is also a great time to think through the upcoming events for the next school year. Now is an excellent opportunity to put together banners for picnics, fundraisers, raffles, and similar activities. Moreover, commission your A-frames to regulate parking during the morning drop-off. If you are unsure what signage options you still need at your facility, we can help.

Invite our signage experts to visit your school for a walk-through. We catalog the signs that you already have and make notes concerning areas where additional signage would boost the functionality of the setting. Moreover, we also make a note of areas where you are missing required signage solutions. With this data in hand, you have the information you need about the must-have school district signs for the coming year.

Refreshing Signs? We Can Do That!

Did you know that you might have some signs that just need a little refresher? These might be markers with acrylic or polycarbonate fronts. We can update them with some paint or a newly printed overlay. Doing so makes the products look new, which significantly enhances the good looks of your Forsyth County facility.

Do not put off this project! Upgrading your signs now ensures that they will be ready to welcome back students, parents, and staff members for the start of the fall semester. Contact us today to learn more about your options and to get started.

Forsyth County School District Signs