HVAC Contractor ALH Adds Fleet Graphics to New Transit Connect

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When Andy Lewis/Hobson Heating & Air (ALH) needed vehicle fleet graphics for a new Transit Connect, the company contacted Meridian Signs and Graphics. Located at 5815 Steeplechase Boulevard, ALH has been in business since 1973 and thrived because of its employees’ integrity and innovative mindsets. Supporting comfort solutions for the home and business, ALH backs its products and work with a complete satisfaction guarantee.

Ford Transit Connect Fleet Graphics for Cumming, GA

Contractor Vehicle Graphics Cumming GA

Realizing that mobile marketing is the way to go when you want a cost-effective method for advertising, the business had previously contacted us to install fleet vehicle graphics. For Cumming, GA, business owners, this excellent advertising product maximizes the daily impressions rate and multiplies it. We used the graphics we already had on file and treated the vehicle to display the name and logo of the business, highlight its services and provide contact information.

Ford Transit Connect Vehicle Graphics Cumming GA

Adding perforated vinyl sheeting to the rear windows allows the company to obscure visual access inside the vehicle. Doing so hides unsightly clutter while it further enhances the marketing surface on the rear of the car. Since the color selection is light, the perf blends right in. Due to the makeup of the material, the driver can still see outside without a problem.

Is Your Fleet Advertising Your Business?

Pulling up at a jobsite in a nondescript vehicle is a significant marketing mistake. When the truck, van or car does not identify the name of your business, you are wasting the potential contacts you might be making with neighbors and passersby. Some successful companies utilizing treated vehicles have even been approached in grocery store parking lots during lunch for more information on their businesses. There is no telling when a potential customer is ready to make a buying decision. Being in the right place at the right time makes a big difference – if your fleet vehicle is marketing and branding your business.

Graphics Options

Contractor Fleet Vehicle Graphics Cumming GA

Your advertising message is unique to your business and its niche. Our graphic artists work with you to design the ideal look that suits the make and model of your vehicle. We can treat everything from scooter to dump truck and anything in between.

  • Lettering. The lettering displays your company’s name and contact information. We recommend that you use the font and color selection you have already chosen for the business’ name display on your website. This allows online shoppers to recognize your company right away.
  • Spot graphics. Graphics are memorable splashes of color that catch the eye. Use spot graphics to display a logo or to highlight niche displays that underscore the business you are in. When you use them on your website, it is a good idea to repeat their usage on your fleet vehicles, too.
  • Wraps. When you want to go for the gusto, you cannot go wrong with vehicle wraps. They change the look of your vehicle completely and use every inch of the truck, car or van to display your company’s colors, a message and eye-grabbing visuals that quickly turn your business into a household name.

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