HDU Sign Panels and Directory Signs for Dental Offices in Roswell GA

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Located at 1150 Grimes Bridge Road, Robert S. Attia, D.M.D. specializes in oral and maxillofacial surgery. Other services include wisdom teeth removal, dental implants, bone grafting, and TMJ disorders. When the clinic’s management team needed HDU sign panels and directory signs for dental offices in Roswell GA, it contacted our sign specialists for assistance.

HDU Panels Combine Clarity with Chic

HDU Panel Signs for Dental Offices in Roswell GA

High-density urethane (HDU) is a manmade material that brings superior durability to the table. Insects have no interest in it. It does not rot even after long-time weather exposure. And because it is possible to sandblast this product, it allows for the presentation of a three-dimensional look with a variety of optional background textures.

For the dental office, we created signage that emphasizes the clarity of the informational display. By choosing a 3D presentation and painting the signs with the black and white color contrast, patients have an easy time reading the directions. We created a basic wall sign that labels the office, recreated it with an arrow pointing into the direction of the entrance, and prepared parking signage. Those visiting the location now have no trouble finding their ways around.

Why Signs with Clear Messages Matter

Directory Signs for Dental Offices in Roswell GA

First-time visitors, in particular, feel stress when they visit an area and cannot identify the right entrance, associated parking areas, or doors. In severe cases, this level of stress reaches frustration that causes someone to give up on the appointment and go somewhere else. By placing the right signage solutions in strategically located areas, you help visitors to your location to be at ease and find their ways around – even if they have never been to your office before.

Exterior Signage Options

HDU Sign Panels and Directory Signs for Dental Offices in Roswell GA

Selecting HDU signs is a popular option for medical offices and service providers who appreciate the 3D look. It also allows for the creation of smaller products, which appeals to a broad range of corporate clients. For retailers and settings where larger signage is a better option, you might consider other building signs.

Channel letters. These ubiquitous products work well in a broad range of settings. Choose from front-lit or reverse-lit appearances.

Dimensional letters. If illumination does not have to be an essential feature, you cannot go wrong with dimensional letters. Typical material selections include acrylic, metal, and sign foam.

Lightbox cabinets. Crafted from aluminum and polycarbonate, these products allow for a more detailed display. We can imprint the front of the sign with your corporate information, logo, and a niche explanation that highlights what you do. If your name and logo do not give much of a hint, it is always a good idea to include a niche explanation. Pair these products with panel signs to point in the direction of the parking lot.

Ordering HDU Sign Panels and Directory Signs for Dental Offices in Roswell GA

Custom exterior signs for dental offices in Roswell GA

Whether you are just starting out at your location or recently moved your office, we can help with your signage needs. Discuss your plans with our graphic artists for more information on your options and to get started on the project!

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