Guiding You Through Channel Letter Signs for Alpharetta!

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Channel Letter Signs for Alpharetta GAChannel letters are among the most popular building signs currently in use in and around Alpharetta. They are ideal for the company that uses a font and color combination to present a brand image. That said, did you know that not all channel letters are the same? In fact, you have a number of options when considering the addition of channel letter signs for Alpharetta, GA.

Front-lit Letters are the Most Common Displays

You probably already know that the bodies of the letters are made up of sturdy aluminum. The fronts, which present with your company’s colors, are manufactured by using acrylic. On the interior, there is space for the installation of LEDs, which allow the letters to light up after dark. As the name implies, front-lit letters enable the light to escape through the front. The illumination adds vibrancy to the colorful display and helps your business to stand out after dark. We mount this product flush to your façade or use a raceway to contain the electrical wiring.

Reverse-lit Letters Create a Halo Effect

Channel Letters Alpharetta GAImagine having your building sign bathed in a halo of illumination. Doing so is possible by commissioning reverse-lit channel letters. In this setup, the fronts of the letters display aluminum, which effectively closes the product. The back portion is left bare, and we use clear acrylic to protect the interior LEDs from the elements. We mount these letters with standoffs so that they are about two inches away from the wall. When illuminated, the light escapes through the back, which creates a halo around your sign.

Combinations Offer the Best of Both Displays

Do you like the vibrant front-lit display? Do you also enjoy the halo effect that a reverse-lit channel letter sign brings to a façade? Why not have both? We can manufacture channel letters that allow for a dual lighting presentation. Companies that want to stand out from nearby businesses, which also use channel letters, frequently like to pick this option because it gives their signage setups that little extra flair.

Open Face Designs Reminisce about America’s Love Affair with Neon

Illuminated Signs Alpharetta GAThere was a time when the neon tube was the lighting of choice for your signage. Nowadays, LEDs have made neon all but obsolete. For aficionados of the old times, there is the possibility of recreating neon displays with open-face channel letters. We can mount them flush to the wall or use the raceway method for installation.

When you want to harness the almost iconic diner display imagery of the flickering neon sign above the entryway, you cannot go wrong with this type of signage product. Of course, you do not have to operate an eatery to appreciate the atmosphere that this kind of sign brings to your facade. Avant-garde businesses now also like to use this product for their marketing and brand presentations.

Contact our experts to learn more about channel letter signs in Alpharetta, GA. Learn about your options and select the display that bespeaks your business model the best. By the way, we can also assist you with the design of non-lit letters.

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