A Guide to Electrical Cabinet Signs for Alpharetta

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Electrical Cabinet Signs for Alpharetta GACall it a lightbox cabinet, box cabinet or electrical cabinet; but call it versatile for sure. This signage solution is an exterior wayfinding, marketing, and branding tool. You see them mounted to building walls, incorporated into the design of monument signs, or installed as part of a pole or pylon. What do you need to know about electrical cabinet signs for Alpharetta, GA, businesses today?

Standard Construction vs. Customized Design

A standard box cabinet features an oblong shape that consists of aluminum. Enclosed on the back and the sides, only the front is open. (For pole and pylon displays, the back is open, too.) Edges may be square or rounded. A customized design offers you the opportunity to see the shape of your logo become the form of the cabinet. Additional customization options include the integration of a changeable reader board or an electronic, LED-powered, reader board that lets you display changing graphics and messages via computer input.

Facings Get Noticed

Electrical Cabinet Signs for Alpharetta GA

The typical signage face consists of acrylic or polycarbonate. Depending on the construction, you may need two facings. When you

When working with companies that seek to attract customers with electrical cabinet signage, we recommend the design of a sign with an embossed facing for pole-mounted products, which address motorists, and the manufacture of a flat facing for a more detailed message for a building-mounted version. This setup allows the business to display its name, address and logo on the building sign alongside professional affiliations, mottos or taglines. The pylon sign, however, only shows the basic name message that is readable even with a quick glance.ask us to emboss the lettering, it creates a slight three-dimensional look, which gives the sign depth. A flat facing is ideal for the addition of an imprinted vinyl overlay. The latter allows you to create a message that goes beyond the display of a name and logo.

Installation Options

We have already mentioned that it is possible to use a wall mount for a cabinet sign. Our technicians use this method for installing signage directly to the façade or an overhang. A wrap-around installation allows us to place the sign onto a center pole. When you have a pylon with multiple poles, we use brackets to put the sign securely between two posts.

Who Uses This Signage Solution?

Electrical Cabinet Signs for Alpharetta GAWhen we design, manufacture and install electrical cabinet signs for Alpharetta, GA, businesses, we deal with schools, service providers, manufacturers, retailers, and physicians. Churches and libraries also prefer this signage solution because it allows for the incorporation of a reader board into the marker’s overall makeup. When you have announcements that you want the public to know about, using a display combination that not only advertises your enterprise but also provides this value-added functionality makes sense.

Contact our graphic artists to discuss the design of your next cabinet sign. We work with you to decide on the marker’s overall look and facing design. Whether you want to stick with the standard geometric shape or put your personalized touch on in, we can help. Contact us today to get started.

electrical cabinet signs for Alpharetta GA