How to Get a Sign Permit in Metro Atlanta

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Adding outdoor signage to your location is essential. It alerts passersby to your presence. In this way, it assists with wayfinding. Most importantly, it introduces and reinforces your branding and marketing messages. However, the city places limitations on the signs that you can install. Similarly, it requires an application for a permit. Would you know how to get a sign permit in Metro Atlanta?

Why Bother with a Permit?

How to Get a Sign Permit in Metro AtlantaZoning rules require any business to apply for a permit before installing a sign. The Atlanta city inspectors define a sign as any product that communicates with the public. For the average company, this could refer to building signs, monument markers, marquee signs, and similar products. The goal is the safe display of signage in such a way that it does not interfere with motorists or pedestrians.

Similarly, it ensures that business areas retain their visual aesthetics. Most importantly, the applicant must demonstrate that the proposed signage is safe and will not create a distraction that could lead to accidents. Failure to apply for a permit results in a possible visit from a zoning inspector. This official may direct you to remove your signage until you obtain a permit for it. Failure to obey can result in fines and other penalties.

How to Get a Sign Permit in Metro Atlanta in Three Steps

How to Get a Sign Permit in Metro AtlantaThe initial step in the process is filling out an application packet. It consists of a variety of forms that city official require to streamline the process and keep it fair and consistent for everyone.

Next comes the development of the plans. For most business owners, this is the most challenging aspect of the process. Zoning department officials require two copies of drawings that feature accurate scaling. They must depict the site and the location of a proposed freestanding sign. If you are applying for a permit for a building-mounted product, you need to submit two copies of the street front elevation – drawn to scale.

Finally, there is the submission of the paperwork and the payment of the fee. This is not something that you can do online. Instead, you have to visit the Zoning Enforcement Division and hand in the application with the permit fee.

From there, it is a waiting game. Officials may take as long as a month to review the permit application and plans. When the application is approved, you will receive a sign permit after verification of the fee’s full payment.

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How to Get a Sign Permit in Metro AtlantaFor most business owners, this process is time-consuming and confusing. If you ever tried to order a building sign through the internet and started the process, you know what we mean. This is why most business clients prefer to have us handle the entire project from start to finish.

No matter where you are at in the process right now, we can help. If you have a sign in hand, we can help with the plans as well as the application. If you still need a sign, our team gladly handles the design, manufacture, permitting process, and installation.

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How to Get a Sign Permit in Metro Atlanta