Get in ADA Compliance with Custom Braille Signs in Johns Creek GA

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The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) governs the design of Braille signs in Johns Creek GA. These products help consumers with visual impairments to use physical reading skills. In the past, these signs used to be generic and lacked style. This is no longer the case.

Aluminum Boards Create Attractive Backdrops for Modern Office Buildings

Chrome, steel, and glass are the hallmarks of the modern office building. Braille signs that use aluminum boards as backdrops fit right in. Black contrasts well with the matte finish of the metal. Most importantly, it is a long-lasting display that cleans up easily. Spell out your message, add an image, and finish with the Braille dots right underneath the letters.

Acrylic Overlay Boards Enable the Addition of Brand Messages

There is no reason why ADA-compliant signs should have a generic look. When you want to include a nod to your corporate persona, we recommend the use of acrylic. Start with a standard board. We add an imprinted vinyl overlay that features your corporate symbol.

Next, we place a transparent, matte acrylic board on top of the first one. Putting the desired image on this board is easy. It creates a 3D appearance that incorporates your brand message without obstructing the message of the sign. At the top, feature the tactile portion of the signage.

Cast Metal Plaques Imbue Your Space with Pizzazz

Metal is a smart material. It looks great in offices, stores, commercial buildings, or the parking lot. Its durability makes it an excellent selection for indoor/outdoor markers. Cast metal allows for a marked three-dimensional appearance of the style elements. Spell out your message and incorporate the Braille dots. Coloring in the 3D aspects of the sign ensures that there is plenty of visual contrast.

Meeting the Requirements of the ADA

The law narrowly defines the design of ADA-compliance. Markers must meet specific requirements to ensure that they function as intended.

  • Sign finishes. To prevent glare, the finish of the signage must be matte. This is of particular importance when direct sunlight or artificial lighting could make it difficult to read the message.
  • High-contrast colors. Officials do not leave the color contrast to chance. Background and style element tones must comply with a 70-percent contrast ratio.
  • Braille 2 dots. Grade 1 Braille is no longer acceptable. Braille 2 is now the accepted setup for all types of ADA markers.
  • Font selection. Not all fonts will work for these signage types. The goal is easy readability that incorporates upper case lettering with sans serif print.

Ordering Braille Signs Johns Creek, GA, Can Rely on from the Sign Shop That Follows ADA Guidelines

Our shop specializes in meeting the requirements of the ADA. We understand which signs must meet the standards and where it can be optional. Most importantly, we routinely work with business clients who want to make all their signage products more accessible to consumers. Our graphic artist can show you how to incorporate your branding with the letter of the law.

Contact us today to move your business into compliance.

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